There are so many ways to make money online, just ask the internet marketers.

Let’s take a look at three ways to make more money and it’s not what you think!

As many of you know, I am passionate about home grown marketing, where real people share doing real things…all the organic cool stuff.

With so many articles, videos, books, white papers and hacks available, it can be very confusing HOW to show up online so that you CAN make more money.


Before you look at any strategies or check lists, it’s good to know how you want to be perceived, how you want to stand out and be seen.

A while back I wrote an article on this called ‘Why I am a strategist and you should be one too’.

Here’s a quick recap.



The first way is they turn up as a ghost. They hang out in groups online, they watch, they might like something but generally no active engagement.

They make connections, friend requests with mutual friends, or they send out connections on LinkedIn, and you never hear from them again.



Now, the next one is the wrangler. These are the people who, as soon as you make a connection with them, they hit you with a link, or they want you to buy something, or they want you to go and do something for them, to watch a video or sign up for their FREE consultation.

With zero value offered first…the words ‘Have I got a deal for you’ ring loudly in my ears.

It feels like a sales pitch, straight-up…and it is.

And you know what? I know you know people who have done that.



The third way is what I call the mingler.

These are the people who get into all the Facebook groups and LinkedIn groups, they’re in there, and they’re connecting, and they’re chatting, but they’re never taking any of those connections off social media. It’s like a butterfly, they’re a mingler, they turn up, float around, be social, get involved but never convert the people they meet into customers.



Finally, the fourth is the strategist.

Now, these are the people who have a plan with intention, they positively make connections with people, they send messages and they get a great response from those messages.

They also like, comment and share, and they build relationships and connections, they are valuable group members, who help solve problems without an expectation of something in return.

But they do one thing extra, they actually take that connection offline, whether it be a mobile number, whether it be via Zoom or WhatsApp…they take it offline so that they’re building the relationship.

They are the ones who are making money from being online.

You can read the full article here about what this means.

Now, let’s take a look at the three ways you can make more money online.



The first way to make more money online is to play group strategy.

There are a plethora of free groups and forums online, for the purpose of this discussion, the focus will be on Facebook and LinkedIn.

Step One

Select 5 – 10 groups where your ideal clients hang out, this is not where your competitors or buddies are, but where your ideal client genuinely spends their time connecting online…big difference!


Step Two

The aim is to show up consistently each week, plan to like, comment and share three times a week. This could be commenting on other posts, answering questions, simply offering valuable information that you’re offering to help.

Group strategy is really virtual networking, which means the focus is on the connection and collaboration, not the sale.

Spend 80% of your networking time with the people who share your clients and it’s not competition.

Now that you have chosen your groups, take a look at what the group rules and themes are, and what days of can you share hints and tips.

A lot of groups have themes for the day, so make sure you know what days those groups are looking for tips or business tips or anything like that, where you can go and share your wisdom.

Create a video or a post.

Please do not copy and paste the same post into different groups, many people are in the same groups and it does not look good.

Change it up a little, change the headline, move the copy around, get a new image for each group

Nothing is ever wasted, make sure you use it on your own page too.

When people comment, please reply, like and comment back.

Step three

When the group has a ‘follow tree’ don’t just post your own links and leave it.  Schedule time to follow back, comment and connect.

Ask a very simple question…’What do you do? or Who do you want to help?’

It’s about demonstrating about what you can give, not