If we believe what all the internet marketers tell us, build an online program, leverage our time and knowledge, package it up into a course and BOOM get it out to the right people.

And for many, this is an absolutely brilliant idea.

But what happens is this…these same people think it is the technology that holds them back.

Let me demonstrate…it goes something like this.

You’ve been working and learning your craft for a long time, you know you’re good at it, you have a business to prove it.

Your clients love you.

They love what you say, how you say it and how it makes a positive change in their lives.

You’ve thought of ways to generate more income, to leverage what you do, to make more money from what you’ve got.

You see all the posts on Facebook telling you how to generate 6 figures from an online program, perhaps you wonder if you could do it too?

All true and real…well, some of it is.

The thing is where do you start? What tools do you need to get it off the ground.

Before technology comes into it, there are five facts you need to know to build your online program, some may surprise you.



When you are passionate about something and have a lot of knowledge in the area, it can be easy to create a program based on assumption and not facts.

Just because you love the topic, does not mean everyone else will too.

As with most business decisions, your program concept should meet a few standard criteria.

#1 Be digital-friendly – to get the optimum return on investment of your time and money, your topic of choice must be able to be shared digitally.

Be creative, think outside the square, with the number of apps and tools available, you can reach a LOT MORE of your ideal clients than in previous decades.

The best place to start is to see what is already out there in the UK, USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand, countries who are very familiar with online purchases.



Before you write a word or mind map out ANYTHING, think about what you want to deliver, and who is it for?

Is there are a market out there wanting what you offer?

Yes, it is possible to create absolutely anything for a specific niche, the thing is, when starting out, it is better to begin in an already emerging market, rather than starting out from scratch in a market that does not exist.

Competition is good, it means that people are searching for the solution you provide.

What does your ideal customer or client want? What are their problems?

When you can answer these questions better than they can, BOOM, you have a market.

#2 – Tools such as clickbank.com – where you can see what courses are already on offer and Google searches and ad-words will help with what keywords are already being searched for.

With that said, when you are clear on your market, you can create whatever you like, however, having clarity on your ideal market is essential in the research phase and knowing who your audience is.



An online program can be anything from an email sequence with links to videos.

Or audio recordings and workshee