The Business of Social Business

Hey there, you found me..yeah! I’ Bron and it’s great to have you here.

What IS the business of social business you ask?

Great question! Most people fill their ‘About” section with all the super amazing things have done, success stories, products they sell and more.

Yes… I have experience and have been working in marketing for over 22 years, and yes I could go on about what I have learnt in being a small business owner since 2011, and how I have grown what I do using online marketing…all the stuff I teach.

I could also go on and on and talk about who I have worked with, and some of the super cool results my clients have had, from learning my simple, straightforward marketing advice and training.

The thing is…what I do know is you’re probably not that interested in that stuff, what you care about is ‘how I can help you’, ‘do I know how to help you solve those annoying challenges you have around digital marketing and social media?’

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Some people call me a social media expert, but for me, it’s social business.

Marketing is not what it used to be, after 22 years in the industry, things have changed.

Social media is not a game, it a serious tool that goes hand in hand with all other forms of marketing, and sales.

Education is the kindling of a flame, not the filling of a vessel. ~ Socrates
It comes down to a rinse and repeat process of…

  • Lead generation
  • Lead nurturing
  • Sales and conversion
  • Experience and delivery
  • And lastly…client nurture and reselling.

Good marketing is knowing who you’re talking to and knowing what they want to see and hear from you.

To you the business owner, this means being valuable, entertaining, engaging and educating.

Ask questions instead of telling them.

The days of promotional marketing have gone!

The business of social media, or what I like to call Social Business is becoming more and more of a problem for many business owners.

You know it’s important for your business, you know you need to get your head around it, but the thing is, it can feel like it is a waste of time…

Maybe you’re not getting the results you thought you would, maybe you think it won’t work in your industry.

I hear you and can reassure you social media is simply too big to ignore…Social media for business is not dead, with over 2 billion people using Facebook, you just have to figure out HOW you fit in.

What is more important to me right now is YOU…yes YOU.

What are you struggling with?

How can I help?

Let me take guess.

You’re here for the very reason I have talked about, to get noticed on social media, to really leverage YOU.

You have done a LOT of work to get to where you are right now, to be able to stand up and help the niche you have chosen…your ideal clients.

There have been a lot of conversations over coffee.

Networking events attended.

And these are great, I get it, I have been there too.

The thing is, you really see the value of fantastic opportunities for packaging up what you know and getting your presence out there on social…but not sure how.

What it comes down to is ADDING these strategies to what is already working…to get more out of being online…more engagement, more education and of course more profit.

Not to mention having a blast, there are so many people who take this all too seriously.

Remember to focus on the social in social media if you wish to succeed. If this sounds like you and you feel like a virtual coffee with me, head on over to our ‘tribe’ on Facebook, the ‘Social Business’ private group.

A great place to connect, ask questions and hang with people who ‘get’ it.

Click on this image to join!

I have been where you are now, I understand the frustration of the infinite amount of information and learning’s available on the internet AND not knowing where to start, or who to believe and I know I can help you.

Most importantly, I don’t want you to waste your time and I know you don’t want to waste mine. You have researched, searched and invested enough time and money already and I believe in a positive return on investment in the business.

If you serious about taking your business to the next level, it is worth investing 30 minutes to discover what you need to do to:

  • Increase your turnover
  • Work with your ideal clients
  • Be the leader in your industry.

Let’s chat, simply email me to get started.

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