Bron Watson

The Business of Social Business

Hey there, you found me..yeah!

I’m Bron and it’s great to have you here.

The influencers have cracked the code, big brands have as well, but do you know how to make social media work for you for free?

Learn how to attract the right people, with the right message, at the right time in your business, all with organic social media.

After more than two decades in marketing, I believe the opportunities available for women entrepreneurs has never been so great.

With that said, the flip side is there is too much information available, so how do you stand out?

There are two areas that matter most, the sweet spot between who you are (your values) and your ideal market (your niche).

Somewhere in the middle is the unique point of view, the sweet spot…your own place to shine.

Hi there, it’s Bron from Bron Watson, a business owner and entrepreneur for almost 10 years.

I am a mum of five boys, married to Paul and breast cancer thriver, living on the mid-north coast of NSW, Australia.

My career in nursing began in 1989, developed my passion for education and completed a Master of Professional Education and Training in 2017.

During these years, Bron I strangely maintained a dual career in marketing and nursing, resulting in a unique combination of education and entrepreneurship.

During the past nine years, I have provided education, support and inspiration to thousands of entrepreneurs through personal mentoring and online programs, so that they, too, can be successful and achieve their dreams, with a focus on five main areas.

  • Lead generation
  • Lead nurture
  • Sales and Conversion
  • Delivery
  • Referrals, up-sell and ongoing relationships

I am also honoured to be the Managing Director of eWomenNetwork Australia, the first country outside North America to launch the network.

Following a diagnosis of breast cancer and now thriving in business and life, I know now more than ever, the importance of nailing your ideal customer with the right message at the right time to the right people – the ones that matter.

And even more so, using organic social media to do the work.

If you’re wanting to get a head start on that, click on the link to get our latest article on how to stand out in business. CLICK HERE

What is more important to me right now is YOU…yes YOU.

What are you struggling with?

How can I help?

Let me take guess.

You’re here for the very reason I have talked about, to get noticed on social media, to really leverage YOU.

You have done a LOT of work to get to where you are right now, to be able to stand up and help the niche you have chosen…your ideal clients.

There have been a lot of conversations over coffee.

Networking events attended.

And these are great, I get it, I have been there too.

The thing is, you really see the value of fantastic opportunities for packaging up what you know and getting your presence out there on social…but not sure how.

What it comes down to is ADDING these strategies to what is already working…to get more out of being online…more engagement, more education and of course more profit.

Not to mention having a blast, there are so many people who take this all too seriously.

Remember to focus on the social in social media if you wish to succeed. If this sounds like you and you feel like a virtual coffee with me, head on over to our ‘tribe’ on Facebook, the ‘Social Business’ private group.

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I have been where you are now, I understand the frustration of the infinite amount of information and learning’s available on the internet AND not knowing where to start, or who to believe and I know I can help you.

Most importantly, I don’t want you to waste your time and I know you don’t want to waste mine. You have researched, searched and invested enough time and money already and I believe in a positive return on investment in the business.

If you serious about taking your business to the next level, it is worth investing 30 minutes to discover what you need to do to:

  • Increase your turnover
  • Work with your ideal clients
  • Be the leader in your industry.

Let’s chat, simply email me to get started.


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