Do you have what it takes to be a tall poppy?

The poppy has great significance in Australia, especially on November 11 – Remembrance Day.

A day where Australians wear a red poppy… for three reasons actually.

The first in memory of the soldiers and sacred dead who rest in Flanders Fields in France, who died 100 years ago.

The second, to show the bond between the soldiers of the allied nations and paying respect for France.

And lastly, to keep the memory alive for those who gave their lives for our nation.

The red poppy is the sign of respect.

Another poppy, which shows up in our culture is the tall poppy syndrome.

The Tall Poppy Syndrome

The Tall Poppy Syndrome in Australia and a few other countries, this common social phenomenon is alive and well.

According to the Collins Dictionary, tall poppy syndrome is – (Australian, informal) a tendency to disparage any person who has achieved great prominence or wealth.

Where the average Aussie feels they have the right to criticise, attack, cut down, and resent any person who have a genuine talent, achievement or something that will distinguish and have them stand out from their peers.

Does it exist?


Good or bad?

According to folk lore and history, it has had both a good and bad place in our culture.

Either way it is ridiculous!

It is used as an excuse to treat someone, and now especially online with little respect, with little regard to their ability and courage to stand out.

Do you still want to stand out and be a tall poppy?

Damn well, right you do.

The thing here is believing in yourself, who you are and what you stand for. What others think is not as important as you may think.

Would you ask a plasterer for advice on how to fix your car? Of course not!

Then why would you listen to your family, your friends if they do not have experience or knowledge of what you do.

I remember growing up in a house, where going to university was the solution to all your problems. My mum pushed us all to get to Uni’, to complete a degree….you were dumb if you didn’t.

I realised a long time ago, this is not the case.

Not before I completed a few qualifications.

Did it make me smarter?

Did it give me what I needed to stand out?


My mum now has dementia, a terrible disease to watch as it slowly takes over my mother’s mind.

What can you do to be that tall poppy?

Remember the truth.

Research tells us you are the average of the five people you associate with the most.

Who do you spend time with? Who is aligned with you and your goals? This does not mean you have to wipe your friends, your aunty or anyone who you love and hang out with.

It means in business, find a group, a network, or a place in alignment to your standards.

If you are sick and tired of listening to the tall poppy syndrome, change who you are listening to.

Aptly written by Marianne Williamson…

Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate

Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure

It is our light, not our darkness, that frightens us.

Being a tall poppy means respect, comes from a place of giving it all, no matter what the outcome, a place where the greater good is more important.

The haters are going to hate.

BUT There will be those who get you, get what you are on about and join you on your mission to stand out.

You can join in the tall poppy syndrome and crap on those who are giving it a go, hang out with people who will pull you down.


You know the answer…

Want to stand out, go against the status quo and be a TALL POPPY?

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