Be Distinctive And Stand Out!

You’re on Facebook, you’re scrolling through on your phone…flick, flick, flick.

You see an ad come up offering a secret formula, or a swipe file that will change your business overnight.

Because you are in business, you take note of the likes, comments and shares…interesting, because you are sure you have seen this ad somewhere before. In actual fact, you may have…copycat marketing on social media is on the rise.

It annoys you no end, seeing others in your market, who are not as good as you, getting the leverage you want…frustration and being caught up working IN your business is making you sick.

The thing is…taking the copycat marketing way, is one sure way to fail, to waste money on advertising, or worse, attract the completely wrong client to your business.


Why is it so hard to be unique, to be YOU, to stand out in this frenetic market place?

Why do business owners feel the need to copy someone else’s marketing strategy and hope it will work?

Let’s back it up a bit.

Copycat marketing is where one business sees another businesses marketing, both on and offline that they like, and they think it will work for their business.

They copy the wording…change it enough not to be straight plagiarism. Where is Turnitin when you need it! They copy the style of image and change up the headline a bit = Copycat marketing.

FACT: For a business to be distinctive, there is ONE way to make more money…to stand out in your market, to be the business everyone else is talking about.

FACT: Copycat marketing does NOT make you distinctive, it comes across as fake, and will cost you money, credibility and success.

Being a successful business owner, you do have clients, you do have success, you DO want MORE.

More of everything…

  • Cash-flow.
  • The RIGHT clients.
  • Leveraging what you do.
  • Time.

The thing is, how DO you stand out in your market?



There is something you can do, the ONE thing that gets you and your business to stand out. When done correctly, this is the game changer for every business, product and service, both on and offline.

You have heard of it before; it is the art of knowing who it is you want to work with. Where you can describe their challenges and their desires better than they can.

The cost to implement: Zero…nothing! By getting this right in your message, you won’t need to spend a cent to implement this one change into your business.

The hitch: There isn’t one, just some time to work ON your business. When you get it right, the reward helps you, your market and the greater good. The result: A clear message to the right people, higher engagement, more of the right clients, which means more sales and cash in the bank.



After five years in the online world of business, I can vouch for the fact of attracting the right people and the art of niching. I remember a time in my first business, Nurse Power, where I missed the target, simply because I had not done full due diligence on my ideal client for the offer I was making.

The campaign failed, I was deflated and then I realised I had cut the wrong corner.

Never again.

This zero cost research will get you results every time, when done correctly.



Each and every campaign, program, offer you make, must have this one thing done properly, it may vary slightly every time, however the work (which costs nothing) is worth it, so that you do get the result you want.

  • Better cash-flow
  • The RIGHT clients
  • Leverage in what you do
  • More time.

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Being a distinctive business owner, being unique and standing out is not as hard as you think!