It happens to everyone….at some time or another, things plateau and being stuck!

It is your body’s way of saying…enough!…I need a change about now.

You may be asking…”Bron, why does this seem to happen to me a lot, and not to others?”.

Great question!

The truth of the matter is, it does happen to each and every one of us at some time, the point though is being aware of what is happening and making the decision to do something differently to bring about the change and results you are looking for.

As Henry Ford once said “Whether you think you can, or whether you think you can’t, you’re right”. What Mr Ford is saying is that your beliefs will determine your results.

If you believe you can, then you will be driven to get the results you want, to overcome being ‘stuck’ or overwhelmed…no matter how many times they come your way.

When speaking to a client this week, I was asked “How did I overcome the fear of doing something new when I first started out being a business owner?” My answer was pretty straightforward.

Back then, there were plenty of times I felt ‘stuck’, I did not know what was the right thing to do, and I certainly had a ton of overwhelm at times. What I did was learn what worked, I followed a process that I could see would get results, and even though I felt like throwing up and running back to what I knew well, being a nurse, I knew that if I wanted to get the results I knew were possible, it was up to ME to make it happen.

Like anything new, practice certainly makes this easier, it takes out the emotion and makes it what it is…a part of my business model, the business model I chose to work for me. I modelled what worked.

So, how to bust open that ‘stuck’ plateau and get the results you want…let’s take a look at three key strategies to implement right now to get you past ‘stuck’ and into ‘free’!


#1: Focus On The Future

I recently had a conversation with an amazing woman who had built up a small, flailing business to one that now financially supports two business partners.

Throughout the conversation, she kept talking about what she didn’t want, what she had done in the past, all her energy going into what she did not want…helpful to a point.

Why am I sharing this? Because this is a common conversation, the constant looking back, the desperation in what you don’t want, what you won’t do, it is a bit like going for a road trip and only looking in the rear-vision mirror.

There is only one result doing it that way….an accident waiting to happen.

Instead, focus on what you DO WANT – your personal life, your health and well being, your business and your bank balance to name a few. This is where the planning, goal setting and implementation steps come in…make it so compelling and exciting, so there is no other choice but to move towards it.

Be crystal clear on what you DO WANT, use all your senses to make it real. Imagine it like a movie running in your head, break the plateau and get moving.


#2: Your Language

Imagine you are in the car, you are thinking about the million and one things you have on your ‘to do’ list, the traffic is pretty heavy today and that inner voice has your undivided attention.

You think about all the business information, plans and strategies you have researched on the net…you say to yourself…I will try to get it working, I really hope it works this time.


Your words make a huge impact on your ability to achieve…well anything. Your mind and your mindset have the most significant influence over your outcomes…

By using words and terms like try, hope, maybe when, and “if only” do one thing, they inform your subconscious mind that this is not something you really want, which means you have given yourself permission to fail.

It is like sitting in a chair and trying to stand up, it simply is not possible. You either sit or you stand, there is no such thing as try.

As from today, make the decision to either say yes or no, to either do something or not, no more non-committal words…be aware and consciously stop and watch your words.



#3: Believe to Achieve

Strategy three brings the first two together, do you TRULY believe you can create, build and grow your online business, the way you want?

Belief is not something that happens on its own, you do choose to believe. You have set your goals, you have mapped out your business and now is the time to take action, do you believe you have what it takes to get the success you deserve?… to struggle through the obstacles every business owner has, to not stop believing when it gets hard…really hard…because it will.