After more than two decades in marketing, the opportunities available for business owners and entrepreneurs has never been so great.

With that said, the flip side is there is too much information available, so how do you stand out?

There are two areas that matter most, the spot between who you are (your values) and your ideal market (your niche).

Somewhere in the middle is the unique point of view, the sweet spot…your own place to shine.

Traditionally, a business engages a marketing/advertising expert or agency, invests over a period of time, with minimal input and once the relationship is complete, the business’s marketing and online presence stop with the last invoice….not to mention the intellectual property of ‘HOW’ it was done remaining with the experts.

But we’re a little different…

We are a small yet mighty team, known as ‘Bron & Co’ – Work With You 🙋‍♀️

We work with small business owners to get their message and meaning right in their marketing so that they make more money…all with organic strategies and ideas.

We do the work AND teach you HOW to do the work at the same time…we transfer our intellectual property to you.

Get your social media working FOR you and learn how to manage it in-house yourself…if you want to, or if not, that’s ok too.

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There are four main areas we focus on during the time we work together.



Content creation and publication

Graphic design of imagery for socials


The ‘Work With You’ Program has two main stages


Stage One

The first stage is modelled on working right along-side you and doing the marketing for you, based on your specific requirements to implement a social media plan, out of the five big five platforms, our focus starts with Facebook, Instagram and/or LinkedIn.

Twitter and YouTube will come once the first big three are running smoothly.

The intention is to support your business to a point where these skill sets can be transferred and integrated into the day to day operations. The ‘Work With You’ program can be extended as agreed.


Stage Two

The second stage continues with the ‘done for you’ style approach with content creation and publication, however, this is where you begin to learn the tricks and our unique approach to marketing online.

This includes but is not limited to education via our signature courses Fast Track Social Media and Fast Track Instagram with mentoring, and demonstration of the learning takes place.

If agreed upon (your call), the business transitions to taking control of the process over a specific period of time and ultimately brings the marketing ‘in-house’ and we are able to hand over all the marketing plans for the coming months.

There are many businesses who prefer to continue with the ‘Bron & Co’ team continuing the running of the marketing strategy, saving valuable time and money by not having to employ someone to undertake the work.

This can be discussed and agreed upon during the middle months of the contract.






A social media strategy is driven by a business plan and goals however it must include specific marketing outcomes as well.

Simply what we are looking to achieve is the right message with the right meaning, attracting the right people at the right time.

Which all comes down to confidence with your message…meaning marketing with the goal of more money in the bank.

It is the quality of followers that counts, which means the focus is to get the right people to engage, and build the business relationship with and ultimately build a quality database that you can market to directly.

A the start there are strategy sessions and an on-boarding process, that covers specifically how you want to be perceived in the market-place, and who you want to attract.

Facebook is initially where we start with a dedicated social media manager, assistant and graphic designer who will build, schedule and implement your social media plan staying ‘on brand’ based on what you would like to achieve…this process can then be replicated across the other social media platforms relevant to your market, driven by the business.

If you do not have a clear Brand Identity – we have guides to assist and can also introduce you to a branding expert if needed.





If a business is looking for help with sales, you will be given access to our sales expert who will work with you to build a solid sales conversion process.

This is undertaken both on an individual basis as well as in a small workshop setting, either face-2-face or via Zoom.





During the initial consultation and on-boarding process, you will make the decision on “who” your target market is, Bron will be working on ‘ideal client’ with you over the contract period, as generally there are multiple markets…the thing is, you can’t market to them all the same way.

Your business will provide logo, access to social media platforms, images, and any marketing collateral you may have already used in the past.

You will be taken through the strategic process we use every day and all our clients use, to leverage lead generation, lead nurture and sales.





Now more than ever, people on-line want to connect with real people, the days of Insta perfect images, with Insta perfect looks, are fading.

We encourage you to invest in photography, videography to showcase the human side of your business. This can be as simple as using your mobile phone.

We will work with you on building your resources over time and also can assist with sites with ‘royalty-free’ images.

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