The balance between passion and your business plan…

Most business owners understand the passion behind what you do, and who it is you help.

Without it, the going can get pretty rough.  Getting the balance between the passion and your process, the business plan can be a challenge.

Passion will get you through the day, it is the process which sustains and keeps your business on track, for growth and results.

The process, or the business / strategic plan, forms the baseline, and is something to the refer back to, as the most important aspect of your business plan is the planning, NOT the plan.

Click here to find out how you can create a simple, yet effective business plan in five easy steps.

The five steps are well known and documented.  Rather than spend way too much energy, time and money on your plan, keep it simple, connected and make it work in one page.

To make your plan work for you, start with a vision, select the key result areas which drive the goals, set the strategies and action steps.

The focus is then on what is profitable, valuable and working towards the vision.

When passion wanes, and you are feeling tired.  This process will sustain you, your business, and you WILL reach your goals, hit your key results and move towards your vision by the day.

Wishing you a great week and enjoy your weekend.