The Truth About Habits

It's that time of year when our inboxes are filled with productivity planners, goal setting, and let’s not forget the New Year's resolutions, the miracle solutions to habits and changing your life. The thing is, this can be a confusing time for many, who simply do not know how to make their goal or resolution [...]

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The Secret Of Taking Responsibility Will Make You Successful

You would think it was common knowledge. It may be known, but when it comes to application in business…responsibility is not always present…fact! How many times do you hear people in business complaining about the economy, about cash flow, about rent, about staff, about politicians and never actually taking any of the responsibility themselves? You [...]

Does More Genuine Emotion Fit In Business?

You see it in the newspaper all the time, you watch it on YouTube, flick over it on your Facebook feed…the fight between rational, irrational and emotion in business. The stories of success…the easy way to build your business by working less and earning more. Blueprints giving you the exact plan to make it work…step-by-step [...]

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What You Can Learn By Playing Candy Crush

It started in New York City. Sitting on the subway heading to the Upper West Side. Being a newbie to NYC, I was looking around, taking it all in. Everyone, and I mean everyone was on their phones…looking at the small screens, taking no notice of anything going on around them. What were they doing? [...]


Is Online Marketing Worth The Effort

It doesn’t work! My brain is about to explode… This whole social media, Facebook advertising thing is crap and I simply don’t have time to work it out. If you are like many small business owners who have this mindset…BEWARE! Let’s look at why. The latest statistics tell us More than 1.65 billion people now [...]

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You’re in business, you’re great at what you do and you’re passionate about who you want to help. You’re getting results, just not enough and you know it can be done using social media. When done the right way, it’s a real game changer…the right people coming through your door, more sales, so you can then go and do what you really want to!

It’s all about saving you a stack of time, money and energy to get a system and process working for you so you can then Rinse and Repeat. Behind every successful business owner is a tribe of other successful business owners who have your back.