Does Good And Evil Exist In Business? Three Things You Need To Know To Get It Right

It was a surreal moment in my business, a moment I will never forget.

It was back in 2011 and my first business was about to go live and be open to the public.

After months or working out my brand, my colours, who I wanted to work with….I will never forget the sheer terror, nausea, […]

The Secret Of Taking Responsibility Will Make You Successful

You would think it was common knowledge.

It may be known, but when it comes to application in business…responsibility is not always present…fact!

How many times do you hear people in business complaining about the economy, about cash flow, about rent, about staff, about politicians and never actually taking any of the responsibility themselves?

You can hear […]

How To Stay Focused When You Get Bored Working On Your Business Goals

Setting intentions is a lot of fun, being focused, working out what you want to achieve, and by when…

Everyone has goals and dreams, some bigger than others.

In business, it is no different.

Better cash flow, increased margins, setting the business up to sell, being able to work on the stuff you really want, or writing […]

You Can Be Bold, And Be Healthy In Business And In Life [Infographic]

Is it possible to be bold and be healthy in business and life…

It’s been a long day.

Things haven’t gone to plan….again.

Clients are not doing what they are meant to, cash-flow is up and down, you can’t remember when you had a full day off, and you feel so damn tired, you could cry.

Ever felt […]

When You’re The Only One Who Gets It!

The light dawns…yeah…you get it, your big idea for your small business!

Your heart starts to beat a little faster, you feel that warm excitement feeling spilling out of your body, and you say to yourself.

“I’ve got…Yes, this is the one’.

You feel it down deep, that sense of knowing…and your instinct is firing off in […]

Why Getting On The KB Is Good For Creativity

When I first heard my fifteen-year old son, Ben tell me to get on the KB, I was taken aback!
What…the KB…as in beer?
Apparently in this millennium, it has another meaning.
For me, growing up as a teen in the 80’s, it had me picturing grabbing a cold, gold KB!
Now…back to getting on the KB.
KB means […]

One Little Known Fact About Focus You Must Have For 2K16


My email and newsfeed are in overload right now, with all sorts of ‘tips’ and ‘hints to make this year my best year yet, ideas on what I need to do, what I should focus on and a plethora of other ideas and concepts.

Scroll, read the headline, delete….flick, flick…pause…nanosecond to think about opting in…scroll, […]

Why Goal Setting And Planning Sucks

If I see another ad on Facebook on goal setting, mapping, planning or a guide to your best year yet, I am going to puke!

STOP, stay with me here.

It’s not that I don’t agree with planning, mapping and goal setting…I do.

It’s the way people do it, it’s the way people like to complicate something, […]

Money Is Attracted To Speed

Money is attracted to speed…it is that simple!
You have come up with a brilliant idea…you have worked it through, and you know it is going to be an absolute winner.

You do know some of the things you need to do, to get it up and out there…yep time is a problem, and you know […]

Three Steps to Take Every Day to Manage Your Business When You Are It… No Help Available

Think you have what it takes to start your own business? Being an entrepreneur isn’t for everyone. But those who choose to follow their own path get to relish in the light of being their own boss, setting their own hours, and focusing on the one thing that they really enjoy. But once you have […]