This week I was a guest on a US-based podcast for entrepreneurs and was asked this question…’ some people might hear “consistency” and think “BORING”…how is it different?

What a great question.

The whole consistent thing on social media with content creation, videos, Lives, calendars and the like all bang on about being consistent, and let’s be honest, there is a big element here where this is true.

Which is where I prefer to focus on the consistent minimum…what is the minimum you should do to remain consistent, AND get results at the same time.



The big picture – it will eat us alive when not done right.

Yes, we all need a vision, a purpose, to have big arse goals and something to look forward.

My good friend Carey Conley nails this process, Carey taught me a simple way to find your purpose, create a vision, backed up by a step-by-step process to stay on track.

And yes, it is that age-old saying…failing to plan is planning to fail.

It has taken me decades to get my head around this, as a big picture thinker, doing the detail of a plan was like sticking needles in my eyes…I didn’t get it, I didn’t want to do the detail or the work.

Thanks to Carey, I now know this is possible and in fact super easy by keeping it super simple…phew…thanks to the clever people out there who love making the complex simple.

When we attempt to focus on everything, we get lost in the details.

We easily become overwhelmed with objectives, goals, to-dos, musts, needs, and indirectly create a “do or die” mentality.

There is so much to get done!

We convince ourselves that there are not enough hours in the day and if we remove sleep, well we can get even more done!

Which of course is simply a habit or behaviour we have learnt over the years.

Now is the time to stop and get consistency working for us and not make it to be something hard or boring.



Enter consistent minimum.

The consistent minimum is a concept of consistently doing the minimum but staying productive.

The key ingredient to a consistent minimum is focus.

Without focus, you allow the lack of the right big picture to creep back in and corrupt our to-do list, productivity, and not to mention focus.

When it comes to having a consistent minimum approach to organic social media for your business, it is not different.

You don’t have to be creating content every day, to work out what to say, when to say it and of course HOW you want to say it.

If you research on Dr Google ways to be consistent with social media….what can I say…good luck with working out which one article out of the gazillion that has come up works.



There are five simple tips you can do to managing your work.

These strategies will allow you to put in the minimum (not maximum) amount of time need to sustain your business with the same pay-off!

Remember, while big leaps show progress faster, small steps often mean you continue to work towards your goal and meet them.  If you recall – the tortoise did beat the hare.

One of my favourite quotes at the moment from Mother Theresa is this…

Be faithful to the small and the big will come

And what this means is this…focus on the next thing, the next connection, the next action to take you towards your goals…not