When I first heard my fifteen-year old son, Ben tell me to get on the KB, I was taken aback!

What…the KB…as in beer?

Apparently in this millennium, it has another meaning.

For me, growing up as a teen in the 80’s, it had me picturing grabbing a cold, gold KB!

Now…back to getting on the KB.

KB means getting on the Kick Back!

Leaning back, relaxing, feet up (apparently that is the most important part) and kicking back!

What does this have to do with running a business?

A lot in fact…

The Science

Your brain is a circuitry of amazing proportions…neural pathways, lobes with specific tasks and jobs to do.

Brain circuits needed for a task are highly active, whilst those not in use are quiet, with the brain incredibly attuned to the demands of the moment.

In a world of constant distraction, whether it be email, smartphones, social media, advertising…life…constant distraction leads to your brain being taken over by emotion of the moment.

The thing is, the brain is unable to determine if the moment is real, or based on assumptive behaviour from past experience, and you actually miss what is going on.

Let me explain.

You’re having coffee with a friend, and you are so engrossed in the conversation, you’re telling your friend about your challenges with the business, you are feeling pretty emotional and stressed about it all.

The wait person comes over to the table and says good morning. You reply…a skim flat white thanks.

You catch the wait person looking at you strangely, and your friend starts to smile.

You realise you have missed something…you did.

You have gone into assumptive behaviour, and you reacted to what you think you heard, rather than what actually happened.

Think of a time when you over-reacted, under-reacted or missed the point, you may have displayed assumptive behaviour, rather than actually been in the present.

How does this effect business?

Running a small business is no mean feat.

So much to do, so many jobs to do, customers to help, bills to pay, not to mention working out how to stay in front or stand out from your competitors.

Without conscious and open awareness, things will continue to remain the same, and if you are not getting the results you want, assumptive behaviour may be part of the problem.

Creativity and innovation do not happen by themselves, creative challenges do not come with set up nicely organised instructions, or a plan to follow.

You need to be able to find a creative solution, even though you may not be able to recognise it for what it is, at the time.

Paul and I hear this every single day. Talking to business owners who are unable to look for, or find a creative solution to their business problems.

They may want to find a solution to generate leads, or fix their sales process, they may see the need for a smart social media plan, yet they do nothing, or even better, say it won’t work in their industry.

A classic business mistake, costing a lot of money, leaving opportunity on the table…a cost into the 6 and seven figures every year.

Creative Insight

Almost everyone has access to the same information, the net is a wonderful resource at our fingertips.

It’s about looking for the creative insight, new value and making it uniquely your own.

Joining together the dots for your market, giving it new meaning…something for your customers and business alone.

You may ask, how do you do this? Great question! Getting on the KB is the solution.

Creativity flows when you allow yourself the time to drift off, to day-dream, to dream where anything is possible.

To literally get on the KB in a place where you have uninterrupted private time, to sit back and reflect.

This is a lesson I have learnt the hard way over the past five years.

I would view ‘my’ time as a luxury, and not a necessity, being hyper-focused on what I thought I had to do, surrounded by ‘to-do’ lists, and completely missing creative opportunity as it arose…assumptive behaviour popping up all over the place.

Rather than let my mind wander and enjoy the KB, I was hell bent on staying focused, on what I thought counted.

In science, this would equate to looking to solve my hypothesis, and missing the gold in the mistakes or opportunity along the way.

Or a bit lik