Please meet Rod Bucton, father of two beautiful girls, business owner and amazing weekend adventure warrior in regional Australia.

With a successful career in full swing, a young family, Rod’s life was brought to a standstill with a chronic disease back in 2013.

For many, this could have meant the end to a prosperous career, but what happened in fact, was Rod used his experience to find the right people to teach him how to heal, and now has developed a passion to share his expertise in his flourishing business.

While leaders like Rod ‘don’t deny the diagnosis’, they certainly ‘defy the verdict’ of doom when adversity strikes.

Rod believes it comes down to seeing the truth for what it is and finding a way around what can be controlled and what cant.

During the chat, we will chat candidly about this very thing, defying the verdict and triumphing over adversity, especially when there is no plan B.

You can find out more about Rod and his lifestyle changes on Facebook and his website Sports Adventure – Get Into The Best Shape Of Your Life