After being in this online business space for years I feel sad at times when I see people disappointed, frustrated, overwhelmed at themselves, at the system and at their mentors when things don’t work the way they wanted – where mindset is everything!.

I get it, just take a look at what people search on Dr Google in the small business space to see how confusing it can be.

The thing is though, it’s not the system or the people where the problem lies, It’s stickability; people just do not stick at their strategy or their social media plan long enough because IT IS a long game.

Social media is not an instant fix. With my experience, yes I can put an ad up, and yes I can have paying customers within 24 hours.

But not everyone has those skills, and it means going back to basics and starting at the beginning.

It doesn’t matter where you are in your business, it doesn’t matter how successful you are, it’s about how you want to add social media as a viable, cashflow-positive income generating stream to your business.

It just can’t be done overnight.


There Is No Silver Bullet

I have to say it…there is no silver bullet. It’s about discipline and it’s about consistency. If it was easy, everyone would be doing it.

It’s not about being perfect. It’s not about having incredible images all the time. It’s not about being a best-selling author.

So What Is Really Going On?

The problem isn’t the system, the problem is not the technology. The problem isn’t the tools.

It’s that incredible organ, the brain in your head. It can be super tough to get your head around all the moving parts that are required to build a successful sales funnel, to build a database, to build an active community online.

There are many moving parts. To give you an example, I have a step-by-step worksheet I give my clients for those who are wanting to run a sell-out workshop.

There are four pages of steps to complete before you are standing in front of your room with the chairs filled with your ideal prospects/ clients.

Yes, we’re using social media. Yes, we’re using Facebook Ads and organic growth to get people to hear about your workshop. But to get to that, the last thing, the very last thing you do, is hitting submit on your Facebook Ad.

Which means your copy, your content, the target audience, the images, the links to email responders, to payment methods…and the list goes on…need to be completed first. No wonder people get lost and give up!

With that said, Facebook advertising is still the best ‘bang for your buck’ for return on investment (ROI) on advertising dollars…where you go and find the right people for your workshop, book, program, or event, rather than them finding you.

Hands down the best.



So Why Is This Such A Problem?

Why do people get caught up in not understanding and then not implementing? It’s a mindset thing.

When we were little, we were sponges. We were put on bikes, we might have been given training wheels, and our parents would stand behind us, push us off and we were told to pedal…fast!

The way we learnt to balance, crawl and walk as a baby was innate. We just did the rolling, the sliding across the floor, the standing on your knees, walking around the furniture, crawling, then eventually taking steps.

As a mother of five lads, how many months were there in those early years for each of the boys, of falling over, sitting on their butts, missing furniture, rolling where they did not mean to…bumps and scrapes before they walked? Too many to remember…lol : )

It’s no different to learning to successfully build a social media campaign in your business. The thing is, as adults where the self-expectation is so high, we expect it to happen pretty much overnight.

Can’t Write?

Stuck in the space of not being able to write, unsure of what words to use in your marketing?

You can always talk, and there are ways you can get your message to your market that doesn’t involve a keyboard or video.

Think about who is your target market, what would they like to know about, pick a topic and voice record.

A great tool I use is Rev…voice record what you have to say and get it transcribed.

Hint: This is the exact way in which I wrote the draft of this blog, they are offering a $10 voucher at the moment.

Disconnect With Mindset

I believe it has to do with a disconnection between passion and purpose and what you’re actually doing in your business.

When a person has a clear vision and has the clarity around their passion and around what they’re wanting to achieve, it doesn’t really matter what steps have to be taken if they are 100% committed to that purpose…that passion.

Because purpose and passion play out as goals. In this frenetic space online, it’s an ever-changing world and it’s very challenging to keep up with the changes, to keep up with how things are done.

When you are working towards your goals, often more times than not, it can feel like the world is against you…literally testing you and knocking you down every chance it gets.

And you’re right.

Designing and creating your goals is not easy, it’s not meant to be easy.

Why, because through the trail of each failure comes two decisions:

  1. Will you continue?
  2. Will you give up?

Yes, these decisions are filters, designed to test your conviction. With that said, every decision in business and life…whether it feels like it or not, is a decision, designed to test you, challenge you to choose to continue your journey, each proceeding decision taking a left or right turn.

The Myth Of The Overnight Success

Recently I attended the Hay House Writers Workshop in Melbourne, a venue with about 400 other writers and authors.

During one of Reid Tracey’s sessions, he spoke about a ten-year overnight success.

Ten years of hard work, where no one is watching, where the only thing between you and your goals is your head…because there is nothing else…a lonely place where conviction, consistency and self-belief are your only friends.

To suddenly…overnight, when something goes viral, a post, a video, a book launch and BOOM!!…an overnight success.

It’s like every athlete and the years of training, of slogging it out alone before the big win – mindset at it’s best.

Marketing and social media success are the same, it can be the posts, the Facebook ‘lives’, where you think no one is watching or giving a crap…that is where it is at.

  1. Will you continue?
  2. Will you give up?

It’s about the belief in your message, where the only vote that matters is yours.


The results you get in life, in business and on social media come from your thoughts.

If you think you suck at marketing, where you say the words to yourself, not to mention to anyone else who will listen….guess what…you WILL suck at marketing.

You then go around looking for evidence of why this is true, to convince yourself, your mentor, your partner that you suck…guess what….you will find a stack of evidence to justify what you say.

AND justify it ‘till the cows come home, might I add…I have heard this so many times over the past six years, I have lost count.

It could be what you say about technology, social media, your website, your sales skills.  What you tell yourself WILL becoming your reality.

Yes, I can hear you saying…’I know this Bron, I have heard it all before’.

As an educator, what I know to be true is, when someone says they know something and back it up with action…yep, they do know it.

But when someone says they know it…followed by no action, or excuses…yep, you guessed it, they most certainly DO NOT know it.

Think about all the nurses you know who smoke…they know it, but they still smoke.

What You Can Do

Take notice of what language you use, what words are coming out of your mouth, your self-talk.

Rather than say I suck at marketing, why not try?

‘I am awesome at marketing, I just don’t know all I need yet and I can learn how’

Your brain, being the black and white computer it is, will then go and look for evidence…the wins, the successes on what you HAVE done and justify it to yourself.

It took me eight months to work out what on Earth a sales funnel was, what I needed to build one, who I could ask for help…and this did not include Facebook ads…that was a whole other story.

Thoughts are so powerful, and yes you know this.

Prove it to yourself because you matter, it’s the only vote that counts.

Open your heart, your mind and learn something new, one small step at a time.