Your Best Year Yet….In February

Every year, we are bombarded with goal setting, planning and the like, from November thru until early January….and then nothing.

This week, I talk about re-visiting your goals and plans to make 2014 your best year yet. Are you on track? January is already done and dusted.

How are you going? Like more than a few of my clients, are you saying your goals and vision board, just ‘do not seem real or achievable’.

Check it out here.

The trick with goal setting and implementation is in the strategic way you go about slowly working through each step, however small.

A goal MUST be real, what will it feel like when you achieve it?

Attach feeling to the goal, a place, a time, who is with you, and what you will be saying.

The more REAL it is, the more connected you will be.

When the going get’s rough,  all there is between you and that goal, is your determination and consistent effort to get there.

Wishing you a lovely week,