:proofed – treated so as to become resistant

Working in a regional town in Australia has been amazing.  So often, I see just how amazing regional businesses are, and how grateful I am to have moved to a place, where my boys love living near the beach…no traffic, no queues and clean, fresh air.

Spending time talking to, and working with these businesses has been lots of fun, rewarding and…interesting.  As a business owner who works predominantly online, in the virtual market place, I am curious to see how traditional business models plan to future proof their businesses.

Being a newbie so to speak to regional Australia…9 years wont cut it apparently, it is great to look in to see how the culture, the towns and businesses function.  Whether it be a product or service, I hear time and time again something like this….I am going really well at the moment, things are going pretty well.  I can see the value using social media in my business, I get it, and would love to promote traffic to my business online, which means I will make more money right…I just don’t have any time to learn it all.


The old saying make hay while the sun shines could not be more apparent in the economy right now. The odd post on Facebook, or a quick photo on Instagram, or an update on your website will not do the job in the long term to future proof your business.

Without a strategy, and consistent application to social media, you will be sucked in to the vortex of what you will perceive to be… time wasted doing something you may not be confident at, with what you think, does not make you any money

In the 20th century, word of mouth was a major player in referral and business growth, and continues to be significant. From here on, it is world of mouth…social media, mobiles and the internet. Recent studies have shown that 9/10 Australians will choose products or services based on recommendations by friends and family. Where does this come from…social media of course.

Digital marketing, building an online community and brand are not going to go awa, they have been around for years already.  Statistics from Salesforce show 52% say Facebook is the most effective social channel for customer service. Which means, more and more people are going to talk about your business…talk about YOU…on social platforms.

Are you in the game?

Are you future proofing your business?

Whether you want to or not, social media and digital marketing are strategies you need to learn, understand and implement into your business.

You may be experiencing good times now, books full, clients waiting for your product / service. Who knows what the next year, five years and more will look like.

Maintain what you do, continue to deliver what you do…add in a digital strategy, an online sales channel, building a relationship with your prospects, your customers and community, and BOOM, you are on the money.

When done right, Facebook advertising is by far the best return on investment right now.

The trick is to start, take the first step into this space….do something….anything!  Speed to market, whether it all works or not is the point, you will then have the analytics on what worked and what doesn’t.  Once you start working in this space, confidence grows along with finding a process that works.

Future proof your business, and stop relying on 20th century business models and marketing.