So…you can’t write? Said almost every business owner I have ever met.

If there is one thing I know, there is absolute merit in sharing your knowledge, your expertise, to position yourself as that person of influence.

To write a blog on your website, Facebook page and LinkedIn.

With that said, not everyone can write, or wants to write for that matter.

We all have a unique story, and point of view, it’s getting that into a video, into an article or on to a podcast to get the story told.



Sometimes I feel like I have an affliction, I see content and stories everywhere.

Often, when talking to clients, they are telling me a story or something that has happened in their business, and suddenly I interrupt and say ‘There is a blog in that’.

Too funny.

A lot of people miss the value of what appears to be unimportant stories that happen every single day.

Last week I was in a store, waiting for one of the girls to finish serving a customer. It was great to watch this young girl share her knowledge, to really listen to the customer and provide her with options to make just the right purchase.

This business is a client of mine and I was there to make a quick video and take a couple of images for an upcoming social media campaign.

I had spent time encouraging this young girl to share her knowledge, in fact, she had refused to be in the video, just her voice was all that she was comfortable with…and that’s ok.

Better something than nothing at all right?

Anyway, back to the story.

What I could see, but the assistant could not was the value of her story, how simply talking just like she did to that customer is what people want to hear.




As I have just mentioned, one of ‘my go-to’ solutions for business people (including myself), is to voice memo my blogs.

Once you have chosen your topic based on what your ideal customer would like to know about…here’s what I do.

Imagine your ideal customer sitting across the table from you and they ask you about this topic.

Simply answer the question with the voice memo on.

It’s all about telling a story, what we call the Dickens Story.

This is where you were – what was the challenge, what was happening, what were you feeling about the challenge?

This is what you did – what did you do to overcome the problem? Share this in a step-by-step process.

And finally, this is where you are now. What is the outcome, how does it feel now that the

problem is resolved?

Let me share a bit of a story with you.

I have been running social media workshops for years, small groups of business owners at a half-day event.

Perfect for the customer and perfect for me post breast cancer treatment.

Anyway, at one of my events there was this gorgeous lady who is an interior designer, let’s call her Kristin.

Kristin listened, she took a lot of notes, asked a lot of questions, of which I love. One of her questions was this….’What do you do if you can’t write?’

Ahhh that question again!