What is all the hype about your goals and intention…

I am asked so often about what is all the hype about goal setting and intention.

Is all this mindset planning worth it?  Do I need BOTH a goal and an intention?

‘Bron, I spend so much time in the planning, it seems as if nothing happens but planning, why?

Great questions!

The answer is quite simple (and crucial to your success when it comes to achieving both).

Let me explain:

Before you start any type of goal setting and planning strategy, it is best to be crystal clear on what it is you actually want to achieve.

You see, your intention is really the big overarching “why” behind any goals you set for yourself.

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In this video I go through four steps in getting the most from your intention and goals.

1. Your intention is your WHY, the big reason why something is important to you, being clear on how this will be each day is more important that the goal

2. Setting the goal, making it real, ways to go about this

3. Visualise the goal, add a date and reverse engineer, start with the end in mind

4. Take action

The trick is to make sure your WHY is bigger than the need your need to know HOW… every time.

Wishing you a great week and enjoy your weekend.