Want to fill an event, workshop or retreat?

Think it can’t be done using organic social media?

Think again…it can, when you know how.


The Mother’s Day Classic is a charity event run across the nation each Mother’s Day in May.

Just short of 100,000 people took part this year, it’s Australia’s biggest breast cancer fundraiser.

In actual fact, what started with a literal walk in the park 22 years ago, it is now a national event occurring in nearly 90 locations across the country.

I am one of our local Ambassadors for the event, something that is close to my heart, as I am one of the ‘one in seven’ women diagnosed with breast cancer every year.

I choose this event as all funds raised go towards research – detection, diagnosis and treatment of breast cancer.

I live in a regional centre in NSW and am super proud to have had the 12th biggest team for 2019 in Australia, with 110 walkers wearing our teams ‘Bron & Co’ t-shirts. We are not a corporate, nor attached with a large public school, with that said, I partnered with Heritage Christian School of which I am so honoured to be a part of.

This result did not happen by itself; it took time…check out how it went down.


It was no accident being the 12th largest team in Australia behind all the corporate organisations and large city teams out of hundreds.

Being a small team from a country town and to be ranked 12th was a huge achievement, and to be frank, it was achieved completely with organic social media.


Let me share with you exactly how I achieved this result and how you can too, follow this exact process to fill any event or workshop you are running.


Registrations opened in February 2019, I immediately signed up for the event on the first day and began sharing on Facebook the fact that I was an ambassador for the Mother’s Day Classic again this year, and that the ‘Bron & Co’ team would be out again walking.

In fact, quite a number of the team could not make it this year…we had 54 in 2018.

A common mistake I see a lot of people make with setting up events on Facebook, is they set up the event and then just leave it, minimal commentary, giving no reason for someone to be curious and find out more….and then wonder why they don’t get the results they want.


Have a clear headline for your event – make it crystal clear what the event is about.

Remember there will be people seeing your post who may have no idea about who you are and what you do.

In the copy of the post, give some detail…why should I attend your event?

For every feature you share, make sure there is at least one benefit.

Make sure you write a post along with setting up the event, for the same reasons I have just given.

Hack # 1 Set up an event on Facebook and share it, give people a reason to click to learn more


I used messenger to share the original event post to all past ‘Bron & Co’ members of the team from the previous year.

Last year the team had 54 walkers. This year they were 110. This equates to over a 100% increase in just one year.

The first round of shares went to previous team members.

Not only did I invite them to join me again this year, I clearly outlined what action I wanted them to take such as ‘like, comment and share’ the post to their own timeline, there was also a link to register for this years event.

Now, not only is it a charity walk, we get to fundraise as well.

Like you, I am asked a LOT to support various fundraisers, now it was my turn.

During the months from February through to May, I consistently shared a post every seven to 10 days on my personal timeline on Facebook, regarding a benefit for that event and why I was involved.

I also shared a ‘Reality Of Cancer Thriver’ post and what it feels like to be the one in seven women diagnosed with breast cancer.

I have been posting these whenever I felt like it over the past two years on what the reality of living with a diagnosis of the C word is like.

Hack # 2 Set up a saved message on your phone so that you can copy and paste the message to your people, this means you can personalise it.


As I mentioned before, what I see a LOT of is people putting up an event on Facebook and then do NOTHING.

We are all busy, our notifications are generally out of control and people will miss tags, which means you may need to reach out more than once.

In fact, you may need to reach out multiple times before someone actually takes action – it doesn’t matter if they attend or not, it’s more the follow up to focus on here.

The key of course is consistency, even though you think no one is watching, they are. This week may have been hectic for that person, so keep going with the follow up.

If you don’t try to connect mo