With communities the world over going into free-fall with the daily, and hourly changes to the way we can do business.

There are two ways we can look at it…watch the news, freak out and struggle with how to keep the doors open.


Realise there is a so much we cannot change yet focus on the opportunities that are present to keep moving forward.

And let me tell you, people looking for the silver bullet…the train has left the station three months ago.

The focus RIGHT NOW needs to be on how businesses can keep their WHY they do what they do and change HOW they deliver it to the marketplace.


No doubt you have heard many times people look for a silver bullet or a magic pill…you know, that ONE thing that will make everything ok in a blink of an eye.

The truth is of course, it doesn’t exist in business.

If you’re looking for a silver bullet, that process started three months ago.

So What Does the Silver Bullet Mean?

The official definition goes something like this. A solution that provides an immediate and extremely effective solution to a problem or difficulty, especially one that is normally very complex or hard to resolve.

Here’s the thing…whenever that phrase is used, it’s made as a statement, or if the truth be known…it’s more an action someone takes rather than a conscious thought about looking for the easy way out.

Four words…’It does not exist’.

There’s no such thing right now to fix our problems instantly in a world that looks like it has gone mad.


Innovation is bandied around so much. Innovation doesn’t happen just because a business decides to create something colourful, or send brochures or get online, or post content. Innovation can be learned the hard way when a business finds themselves struggling and not getting the results they want.

Back in 1928, when penicillin was invented, it was proclaimed as the miracle drug, a ‘silver bullet’, because all of a sudden, all sorts of incurable diseases had one easy cure.

It saved lives, it changed modern medicine, but it also totally messed with our expectations about how we solve problems.

The thing is, it didn’t start in 1928. It came out in 1928. I suppose something like a 10 year overnight success.

In this business world, there are so many businesses looking for their own version of a penicillin, a miracle app, a tool, a technique, something that’s going to save a company, a marketing hack that’s going to make you 10 times your productivity in a week.

And even though it’s really tempting to search for your silver bullet, don’t be fooled by the notion, unless of course you happen to be working on COVID-19 Vaccines.

Put it another way. In 2006, a lot of people thought that the mortgage backed securities were a silver bullet, an easy way for banks to make money without risk and for Americans to buy homes.

The result…the Global Financial Crisis? It was as if the banks were blindsided or perhaps they thought it was their own version of penicillin.


In the world of social media and marketing online, the silver bullet is a consistent and persistent plan…a strategy. And that’s why, if you’re wanting a silver bullet for today’s crisis, it really needed to start three months ago.

Put simply, what you do today…. there will be no return on investment of your time and energy for at least 3-4 months, and most people don’t want to stick at it for that long without a reward of some kind…I get it!

It will happen, just not overnight.

Make Your Own Penicillin

What can we do to create penicillin in your business?

The real solution? There is no ONE thing, but rather… a couple of really key actions.


Yes, something as simple as a checklist.

It’s so simple, it’s ridiculous. It’s about reverse engineering from where you want to end, and reverse it back to the present day using goals and checklists.

What do checklists do? They’re a safe operating procedure.