I hear it A LOT…and I totally get it!

Not enough time, too busy, too tired…blah, blah, blah.

People in business talk A LOT…about wanting more great customers, more money and getting ‘time’ back on their side using social media and marketing, to leverage what they already know and have worked so damn hard for…time management.

Isn’t that what all the big internet marketers promise?!

A lot of talk…not as much action.

Have you ever caught yourself saying ‘I want to grow my business…BUT…I haven’t got any time…I don’t have time to learn new stuff, I am snowed under already doing what I already do and I just want it to happen…NOW’.

For many who have been in the game of running a business for a while may relate.  It’s going well, you’ve hit some real goals…you have customers, there is money coming into the bank account and you know you’ve got more to do…but how can you possibly DO any more…it’s a complicated time, I think pretty much anyone who has been around awhile would agree.

The trick here is this.  To get marketing and social media doing its thing, and by that, I mean earning you money for your time and effort, cash in the bank.

And this is where the talkers and the action takers differ. There are those who talk about wanting to grow their business, who research everything they can with Dr Google, and then suddenly come up against technology, or not enough time or a ‘can’t be bothered’ hurdle…and suddenly getting to understand ‘how’ social media marketing works goes out the window.

There are those who do the same thing, with one distinct difference…they invest in the time to learn the new stuff, to test and measure and give it a good crack.

Which is why I call BS to those who talk and do not walk growing their business, they know deep down that’s its complete ‘BS’ to not having enough time, because they see others in their industry using social media well, and to be honest, they  ‘sooooooo’ want that to be them!

Yet this is what invariably happens…Time ticks on…the next week rolls around, and all of a sudden, it’s almost June 2019…Woah!

Late nights…many late nights, on Dr Google looking for the solution, the mystical silver bullet that will take away all the pain in the butt learning of social media in business.

Endless searching, and conversations with friends about being busy yet exhausted.


What exactly are you looking for?

 An ‘answer’ you say…

What if I was to let you know that you already have the timeand the problem is not really about time management?

Just this last week I was talking to two women in business, quite successful already, who talked at length how they were looking to grow their businesses, and wanted to nail the whole social media, lead generation, database management and program delivery ‘thing’.

In fact, the three main problems they spoke about were:

  1. They are having trouble attracting more of the right clients/customers
  2. They’ve hit a ‘ceiling’ of making more money (because you’re not attracting the more of the right people to buy)
  3. They feel social media was stealing their time and energy because of point one and two.

And whether we like it or not, social media continues to be the best return on investment for time and money to help more people, to build a following, connect, build a tribe…and a great way to make more money while working smarter….on-line.

There are millions and millions of small businesses across the planet doing this right now…they’re using social media to grow their business.

Let’s continue the story of the two conversations I had…

One business owner said ‘I know I have to learn how to use social media for my business, but I just don’t have the time’…the other awesome woman said pretty much the same thing!

What the…???

I found this extremely interesting and strange at the same time…in one breath they told me about all the things they want to achieve and yet, not a minute later, they don’t have the time, yet we spoke about what they needed for over an hour!

There was no sales pitch from me…the way I look at it is this “…if you’re in business and you expect great results are just going to rain from the sky without doing any of the hard work…I wish you every success, keep on looking for the quick fix…see how that goes for you”.


Research On Time Management

According to a recent Harvard University study, the majority (up to 90%) of managers across the board waste their time on ineffective activities?

An interesting study…which reached this result after examining the behaviour of senior executives and managers in large companies like Sony and LG Electronics.

When asked what was ‘missing’ the majority reported ‘time’. Interestingly in the study mentioned above, 30% were found to be procrastinators and 20% were disengaged.

Effective time management does require “conscious changes” of one’s routine and mindset, and the benefits can be incredible.

And it’s no different in business.

If you’re an entrepreneur who’s struggling to fit all responsibilities in a busy daily routine, you may be wondering about what you’re doing wrong….and you’re certainly not alone.

So…solutions can be found everywhere, we’ve all seen them before;

  • Email Management
  • Time Management App’s
  • Delegating tasks and things
  • Stop micro-managing everything
  • Focus
  • Productivity programs, timers and apps
  • …and the list goes on.

The problem isn’t you, it’s the system.

If it’s not time management, what IS the problem?

Why is it, successful people in business are searching late at night for answers to leverage what they know?

Why do people think they don’t have ‘time’ to learn what they need to learn in order to hit the goals that they set at the start of the year?

I believe it’s the work associated with marketing and social media is not attached to the vision or goal, it’s seen as ‘work’ when in actual fact it’s the solution to the whole problem of growing your business.

Stop wasting time looking for the quick solution…it doesn’t exist ~ Bron Watson

Let’s be honest, if you knew what the solution was, you’d be doing it…right?

A little perspective.

Let’s pretend I’ve just bought a new business in the cafe industry. I bought the business because I love food, people and good coffee…after having the five boys, I’m pretty handy in the kitchen and can whip up some good nutritious basic meals, not to mention being a Master Chef fan!

I’ve searched online for a profitable business model, I’ve searched for the best location, the best books, and making a decent coffee can’t be that hard right?

(If you’re like me…a decent coffee is one of life’s best pleasures…)

But…you know I need to nail a number of the elements to being successful…barista skills, food hygiene, supply management and basic finance…in order to really smash it out of the park.

I ‘could’ certainly learn as I go, and trip and fall along the way, and hopefully eventually be ok…but I doubt it.

What I need is someone to guide me through the difficulties of food handling, barista skills….drinking a decent coffee is very different from making 500 a day, day in…day out.

No wonder small business fails in the first three years, it’s super tough working out what you don’t know…when you don’t know, what you need to know.

The same goes for social media marketing, lead generation and sales conversion…why spend countless hours wasting time and money, trying to take short-cuts or not learning how it all comes together?

It is literally, technically and physically a whole new way of doing business…BUT, the essential elements of business haven’t changed.

  • Outstanding customer service
  • Being real
  • Delivering what you say you will – be it a product or service.

Rid your wasted time on researching, guessing, trying with frustration and overwhelm…and replace it with learning the right strategies and tasks to generate more money whilst saving time with a step by step foolproof method, from someone who has run on the board.


What are your options?

There are at least three different ways to tackle the whole ‘on-line’ opportunity…one way is you can engage a digital marketing agency to ‘do it for you’. These guys are cool and get great results, but you’ll need to dig deep into the budget…and that’s ok provided you can be shown there is a solid return on your investment.

The sustainable way is to learn it yourself…in fact, just like your ‘balance sheet and budget forecasts’ or administration processes, I recommend knowing this part of your business intimately before you outsource it.

Or the third can be what many are doing, like the two ladies I spoke about this week…madly searching, seeking a solution and then not doing the work because it feels too hard…aka…not enough time.


Start with your target market yourself

The reason why I believe success is found ‘on-line’ is that your ideal customer needs to hear your voice. They need to understand you and what you stand for. They will ordinarily invest in you…that can be difficult if ‘your voice’ is outsourced. Plus, if you change agencies or decide to bring your marketing back in-house, the intellectual property is lost, and you’ll have a hard job continuing the momentum that was created by someone else.

So…it’s not just about time management, it’s about being clear on the vision on why you do what you do in the first place, and understanding learning something new, especially when you’re buggered, may not be that much fun.

Because learning the art of marketing and social media for your business takes time, it will happen…but not overnight, which means it can be tedious, boring and hard at times.

When you focus on your target market and truly want to connect and help them with zero expectation in return, you will naturally attract more of the right people, the ones who will become your raving fans.

Look after them, communicate and share the real you, they deserve it right?

Connect the work with your goals and vision, know that every content creation, video, blog and story, brings you one step closer to your success.

This means being consistent. Every. Single. Day.

Yes, managing your time is really important, but it’s more about making sure that you’re equipped with the strategies, techniques and tactics to market and leverage what you’re good at, all whilst keeping your eyes on the prize (goal and vision), to help more people and make more money with the time you already have.

Choose carefully.

Need help to get focused, click here for my free focus cheat sheet to get you started in the next seven days.

Bron xx