My email and newsfeed are in overload right now, with all sorts of ‘tips’ and ‘hints to make this year my best year yet, ideas on what I need to do, what I should focus on and a plethora of other ideas and concepts.

Scroll, read the headline, delete….flick, flick…pause…nanosecond to think about opting in…scroll, read, delete….repeat…

A little boring to say the least!

Every year, I wonder why people feel that they need to wait for a New Year to do this sort of thing.

The New Year break should be what it stands for…a break, downtime, to reflect on the past year, and get started on the New Year.

Research tells us that only 8% of people actually implement and achieve their New Year’s resolutions.  Not even one in ten!

With this in mind, no wonder there are so many people not achieving what they want, and not reaching their full potential.

Rather than work on what needs to be done, or filling out a 65 page workbook, there really is only one thing to think about and work on when it comes to this mystical journey…to be one of those who achieve and not one of those who don’t.





Think about the last time you were working ON something for your business, as opposed to working IN your business.

You’re reading the article, or book, or workbook, or watching a video to grow your business…it’s been a long day, more likely than not, you are dog tired…what happens…you zone out.

A readers’ mind typically wanders from 20-40% of the time whilst reading.  For those of us intent on a journey of excellence, the more your mind wanders, the worse your comprehension.  No it is not rocket science, however there is a science going on here.

The science of FOCUS.



Distraction is the ultimate killer for focus, Daniel Goleman talks about sensory and emotional distractions.

There is a massive void between productive reflection on what is happening in your life, and the fruitless ponderings of wasted time and energy. The continual looping of your thoughts of worry, stress and anxiety over something you can’t change, or something that has not happened.

Productive reflection and fruitless ponderings appear the same.

You’re sitting, reflecting (or pondering) on how your cash flow in business is causing strain on your lifestyle and family.  Your heart beat increases, your palms may sweat, you clench your teeth, and that sick feeling in your gut starts to scream.

Your emotions start to go into overdrive, and the movie of your dismal failure plays in your head…in actual fact, you may even win an Oscar for the part you are playing in this make believe movie.

No solution in sight, just a looping nightmare of worry, without any sign of how to fix it.  Fruitless ponderings at their best.


Discover Your StrengthsYou’re sitting, reflecting (or pondering) on how your cash flow in business is causing strain on your lifestyle and family. You think on a practical level using all your ability to come up with a tentative solution or two.

How to get more of the best clients you have? How to value add to the customers you have, and increase your profit margin on each sale?  What is the best marketing options right now to make this happen?

Productive reflection is the ability to TURN OFF the emotion around your problems, and around what is happening in your life.

Ask yourself…what can you change and what can you not?

Be selective on where you use your energy, start to reflect productive