Motivation…How the heck do you stay motivated, when you simply can’t be bothered?

When is the last time your alarm clock went off bright and early, and your first thought of the day was a negative one?

Were you tempted to hit “snooze” and roll over, dreading to face the day, you could simply not be bothered?

Everyone has days when they don’t feel like doing stuff on their business, for themselves, others…exercising, or whatever it may be.

This week, I go through three things to work on around motivation, and what to do when you simply can’t be bothered.

It takes a certain mindset on those days, an attitude that comes with the faith of knowing how good you will feel when you are done.

Something, which may not always happen instantly, and the way you want.

People often ask me “How do you have so much energy?” and “Where do you get your motivation to keep working on your business?”

My answer? My mindset… Yes, I know you have heard this often, and done way too much, however it’s the trick between thinking about what you want and actually getting it.

There needs to be a willingness to change and improve where you are currently at to change how you look and feel.

To be motivated comes from inside you, you are the one in control of your system, not outside influences.

Yes there are times when a conversation or an event will excite you, it is then up to you how you want to harness that excitement into your own motivation system.

Start today with these three steps….get to know how you work, what motivates you, look at the times when things were going exactly as you wanted, get clear on what was happening and bring that back to life as if it were now.

Get moving… start with 10 minutes, start with a swim, start with whatever you want. Energy gives you motivation and motivation gives you energy.

Now…I want to hear from you….

What do you find hard, when motivation wanes and you feel, confused and you can’t be bothered?

Do you have any great tools that you can share?

I look forward to reading all of your fabulous insights and responses.

Wishing you a great week!!