Be like water ~ Bruce Lee

Mr Bruce Lee has seen and done many amazing things in his life, and I love his take on life with his words here….”Be like water”

Not sure about you, things generally do not go to plan at my place… we try damn hard…and bang…from left field, something comes in to kick the plan off centre.

As many of you know, Paul and I have five amazing boys, back in days gone past, washing was simple, cleaning up was simple, and we had only ourselves to think of.

Those days are long gone, and now I… like you… have many hats to wear every day. Coach, police officer, delegator, bank manger, cook, cleaner, referee, politician and taxi driver…all before 9am.


Be Like Water - Bruce Lee

Be Like Water


Chaos became the new norm, and learning to adapt was not something I was gifted with naturally.

What I do know, when you have many hats; family, business, work, and life, adapting to change is a must to get the results you are looking for. Without it, overwhelm and stress will sky rocket.

Being static in a dynamic and ever changing environment is a recipe for disaster…time to adapt.

Simply, to be like water, and be able to cope with change. Water is gentle, adaptable, and a powerful fluid.

If you can’t adapt, you won’t succeed. Tough words I know.

Being adaptable means learning new things, developing skills you never thought you would need, overcoming a fear or two…whatever it is for you.

I am often asked, how do I juggle so many things in life?….two words…be adaptable.

Start with knowing what is important, for many, this may be time, money, or more consistent clients.

Consistently meet the minimum requirement every day to reach what is important. Take action and implement consistently at a minimum.

What do you do if your day, week or perhaps the month does not work out as you have planned…be adaptable.

Adapt to the changes, work around the challenges with a consistent minimum approach. I write in pencil for this very reason, I can erase what I don’t need and replace it with what is going to work.

As the lyrics from the Katy Perry song ‘Roar’….

‘You held me down, but I got up.  Already brushing off the dust.  You hear my voice; you hear that sound.  Like thunder gonna shake the ground’… ( I can hear you singing along right about now)

Be like water,… move over, under and around whatever comes your way and get on with it.

Wishing you an amazing week.