We are all in the game of getting more customers, more sales, more time for ourselves, and hopefully, by now you know social media can get results for you.

I believe there five main areas in business:

  • Lead generation – attracting more of the right people to you
  • Lead nurture – looking after these people before they buy from you – yes they may watch for a long time before they are ready to buy
  • Sales and conversion – getting the best conversion rate you can
  • Deliverables – everyone does this part the best, all the things you do for your customers
  • Follow-up, Resales, Upsell and Referrals – how you look after your customers once the business is complete…for now


Each of the five areas is important, some of you will do better than others. The thing is, the focus for the next 30-60-90 days is the area where you have the most work to do.

Let me explain, you may have a great process to attract people into what is called the sales funnel – basically, this is how people get to know you, like you and trust you – it takes time, in fact, it could take years before the person is ready to buy.

You may be great at sales and conversion and deliverables is a no brainer.

The area you leave to last is the sales nurture – this could be email follow up, newsletters, valuable information on your website and social media…it’s the one area you like the least.

This article is all about lead generation – ways to attract the right people to you with the right message at the right time.


Before I share with you my list of Lead Generation ideas, I first want to give you a brief definition of what this actually means.

Lead generation in marketing speak is the generation of interest or inquiry of your products and/or services of your business.

Leads mean the contact information of a potential customer such as first name and email or connection via messenger.

It’s not just about likes and follows on social media, the goal here is to get your potential customer to share their basic information in exchange for a valuable free offering such as a cheat sheet, whitepaper, video training, newsletters…the list is endless.

Gone are the days where you could put something for sale out there and people would buy, the ‘if we build it, they will come’ mentality does not work when it comes to social media and lead generation, the aim of the game is to attract your potential customers

You need a plan for attracting leads! And the plan will differ from one social media platform to another.