You have your week planned, you have the steps mapped out…and before you know it, it’s Thursday!

There is being busy being productive and there is busy being….well, busy.

I have had a week like that….Friday already.

It is the times when you have loads on, targets to meet, clients to see, the sales funnel to maintain, plus kids assignments to monitor…phew!

This is where having the ‘game plan’ for your goals set, plays you the best card. It means you do not have to THINK about what to do next, you have already made that decision.

I cannot stress enough the importance of having a ‘game-plan’. A strategy, and a process to get your business running smoothly, giving you the return you deserve.

The ‘game-plan’ provides you with the confidence, the clarity, and the direction every step of the way.

This is the reason why I mention goals and strategy… because I believe, and know this to be the key to keeping you on the move, every single day.

No more sighs, nor more frustration, no more…’Damn it, it is Thursday and I have done nothing’

How to do this?

1. Set your goal – divide your year into quarters and work out what milestones you will have during the 90 days.

2. Reverse engineer the quarter – start with the end result in mind and work it back to now.

3. This will give you the very small steps, the strategic moves to make this week count and move you one step closer to the milestone.

Wishing you a week filled with small steps of success.