As the most famous horse race fast approaches, for many, it is the only time in the year to pick a winner.

For those who are NOT in the know, there are so many ways to choose the horse, choose the rider, choose the trainer…maybe the colours, the name…got to be in it to win it, right?!

Picking a winner in business can be a bit like that.

With the incredible amount of information, techniques, tips and tricks available online, how in the heck, is it possible to know what works and what doesn’t.


There are three kinds of people…

Those that are at the research stage of their business idea, what we call the freeples…who opt-in for every Facebook ad they see, get all the free templates, checklists, register for webinars (and never show up, I might ad), constantly looking, looking, looking for the silver bullet.

The second kind of business owner is those who are happy to invest in getting help, who know they need help BUT they expect results to magically appear and rain down from the sky.  These are known as the cheaples, the ones who blame the system, the business model, their mentor, Mercury retrograde… or the dog.

Now, there are the third kind of business owner, they are smart, they know they don’t know it all, if they had the time, they could research and dig through all the information online, and actually put it to work.  Get the right business model, generate leads and convert sales.

Each of these started out the same way we all did, not knowing how to pick a winner…. not knowing the right business model, the right brand, the right social media strategy or the right lead generation systems.

How is it, that some pick the winner and others don’t?

Great question!

You may think the answer is:

  • Money.
  • Time.
  • Energy.
  • Motivation.
  • Knowledge and education
  • Marketing.
  • Qualifications.


The answer in not any of these.

The answer comes from within, it comes from the choice to back yourself, to back your dream and decisions.

Not knowing the winner is part of being in business, not having all the answers is part of an entrepreneur’s average day.

Research is a must, not to find the magic answer, to learn what is working, what to test and what to not.  To see what the experts are doing, learn from mentors who walk their talk.

Speed to market is the key, the faster you fail, the faster you succeed.

It may not be your strategy, or your big dream that is the problem, it could be the tactics are not right for the outcome.


The only way to work that out, is to take your concept to market, test it, measure, tweak and repeat.

Backing a winner is simply a process those who never quit go through.

If you want to back a winner in the remainder of 2015, and into 2016, seize your courage and your determination.

Look at what works, hang out with those who are doing what you want to, and before you know it, you win!


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To be the winner, you have to be in, to win it!