Irini Kalis

Kefi Chicks

My wonderful friend and mentor I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for the most awesome 2 days.

Meeting you in person has been the icing on the cake of a magnificent process that has honoured me at the centre!!

My personal growth is phenomenal and inspirational! This opportunity that has shown me it is all up to me and to what I want and prepared to work for and achieve!

I believe I AM worth it and have a lot to offer. You and Paul have shown me what I can have on a business and personal level – simply the best!!!

Jennifer B

Registered Migration Agent Australia

“Every second I had one on one with Bron I felt like I was growing in exactly the right direction for my business.

I rarely am able to get out of my own stale mindset with regards to my business, my ways can only work some of the time which limits income.  Trying to grab the attention of those who need my services using social media?  I start to think I know… but it’s nowhere as comprehensive, up-to-date, effective and $$$$ producing as the things Paul and Bron know.

Simply put, Bron’s way of connecting with her clients (including myself) was simply draw dropping and at the time I thought of the word magical. The magic way Bron seems to intuitively know the needs of my clients more than I do after having operated my business since April, 2012.

Bron gets the big picture of what I do – listening to Bron speak her speak had me motivated.  Lack of motivation had become a major set back for me in my business and I was ready to close up.  Bron motivated me…  ‘on fire’ motivation…that is priceless.

Bron looked at me, the room was silent – it seemed everyone waiting to hear the next great thing to come out of her mouth and I couldn’t wait, “You’re about bringing families together.. how big is that?  You’re about connection, and that aligns with your religion.  Right now, you’ve just reconnected with your soul”.

That Bron acknowledged that for me what I do in life must be part of my religion was huge for me.  The fact that she at that moment enlivened my passion again is priceless.   I do not think I would have gained this if I had not spent this face to face time with Bron at the live event.

Also priceless was hearing face to face Bron’s language for how to connect with clients via social media.  Over and over Bron shaped what we do into a way to connect with an ideal client, creating for each of us an effect social medial language of sorts, getting ‘out of our own way’, business mechanisms to reach more of our ideal clients.

I had no problem connecting to clients in person or over the phone  – but in reaching a greater audience via social media I was totally ineffective. The way I write usually to clients is formal and detail-heavy  – possibly the least effective way of connecting to clients via social media.   I learned this from Bron and fully agree.  Bron in an instant nails effective language for my business and it’s magical to watch.  Bron tried to help each of us at the live event learn that particular type of language and I believe attending the live event was life/business changing even for only that reason.

The event nailed it in terms of me understanding how to package up my services, get it out to as many of the kinds of people I actually want to work with, people I truly want to help, stop helping people I don’t actually want to help, being selective about who I am going to share my valuable skills and abilities with.

As an end note,  many small business owners are isolated, people around them don’t want to hear their problems.  The entire course and live event have given me a great sense of community and I feel safety in opening up about my concerns. And of course, I see I obtain expert feedback and guidance regularly from Bron and Paul.  I can’t imagine operating my business cut off from these wonderful people.”

Kathryn Jones