It’s a crowded marketplace out there, loads of people doing what you do… how can you write copy that converts?

It can be scary and daunting wondering how on earth to stand out as YOU.

When you are in a saturated market and you don’t have a marketing budget, you have to play the game,  learn three simple tips to create copy that converts to profit.

It’s about giving people what they think they want before they get to know you and like you.

The thing is, you can either worry and stress over not being enough…or you can get in, roll up your sleeves and start writing, making video, doing Facebook Live’s and sharing your true message.

When you give people a sense of belonging in your brand…as in your copy, your images, and the quotes you choose, they will want to share it for you.

If you ask Dr Google how to reach more people and grow your business, you will end up with literally thousands of options to choose from.

Don’t play by the rules, make your own rules!

Ask questions, find out what the problems are, and answer those questions without a hint of anything in return.


So What is Copy

The copy is literally your words. It’s whatever you put in a post, blog, SMS, Messenger, website content, landing pages, brochures, Facebook, LinkedIn…it’s your voice, your message.

The copy is super important because the bad copy will kill your sales.

Great copy equals more sales.

As you know, I talk about branding. The copy, the content, the branding. Now the reason why that all goes together is that it’s actually really important…perception is more important than ever.

The familiarity phenomenon is real. In 2005, it would take only 5.4 exposures in this space to get a potential customer’s attention. In 2012, it had gone up to 12.8 times. And now in 2020, it may be as high as 18-20 times before you grab someone’s attention.

That is a lot of triggers, a lot of content, a LOT of work if you don’t amplify and share what you do across all social platforms.

With that said, it can be a bit of a two-edged sword.  Creating content that is valuable, shareable and SEEN, whilst managing multiple platforms.

I don’t know about you…but that sounds like a LOT of work. But there is a LOT you can do for FREE when you know how.

As an educator, I believe in keeping things as simple as possible, with the least amount of steps as possible to get the best bang for your buck as possible.


Less Is More

It starts with your copy, or your idea…which, in turn, becomes your headline.

Headline topics can be topics you can use for blogs, videos, Facebook Live’s, stories on Instagram or videos on LinkedIn, on pretty much anything you want to share.

Where you need your good copy, starts with your headline. If you’re doing a brochure if you’re doing a quote if you’re doing an email, your product descriptions, and not to mention your event descriptions.

I see so many businesses creating an event on Facebook without putting much thought into the event description. You can’t just put the event up and expect people to click and miraculously fill your room.

Yet that is what I see…time and time again.

What is in the copy for the reader? Your copy talks to your target market, it creates a feeling, a connection and if you nail copy that converts, you instantly begin a relationship with that person, where they want to find out more, who are curious and if appropriate…buy from you.

Another common mistake that happens is that when you’re writing about products and services as if it’s an ode to your work, which means you’re making it ALL about yourself.

You’re making it about you, rather than your potential customer.

When you think about it, how does it feel when you read stuff online where is says…we do this and we do that, and this product’s so amazing because we’ve got it and blah, blah, blah …

In reality, people don’t care and are not interested in you or your work.

What’s in it for them? This is a subconscious thing, and not a conscious thing. Perhaps you’re thinking, “Really Bron, but I have an amazing relationship with my customers.” Yes, but that’s after they get to know you, and like you, and trust you.

I am talking about before they find you, or when they come across something you have published online for the first time. They’re really only interested in their needs.


Think Ideal Client

When you’re writing anything, you’ve got to put yourself in your ideal clients’ shoes and write about what you would like to read, as if you were the one buying the product.

You want to write what you would like, read and share. What is the single biggest challenge your target market is experiencing RIGHT NOW?

A lot of people get really stuck with this. They write what they think the person wants to know. Write about what you would like to share if you were that person. You want to read and write as if you were the one buying the product or the service.

A good product description is all about what pain point it solves for the client. You want to write what people want to hear about, not what you think they want to hear about, which is why we do ideal client research in the first place.


Copy That Converts

The following ideas have been working for years, are not new and continue to work right now.

When you use your voice, your message and answer these simple questions in your copy…BOOM…you will profit.


Tip One

Who else wants


This idea implies an already existing desire or consensus…it mean’s others have wanted this before you.

Example: ‘Who else wants a profitable social media business page?


Tip Two

The secret to [XXXX] or The little-known secret to [XXXX].

How many times have you seen blogs, videos and posts where people talk about that little-known secret?

The secret of this is where you share insider knowledge and translate it into a benefit for your reader.

Example: The little-known secret to looking 15 years younger without breaking the bank.

Example: The secret of successful social media posts.

Example: The little-known secret to owning your first investment property, they don’t want you to know about.

Remembering “they” is a really good marketing tool. You can jazz these up, you can change it to suit your market.

Hint: If you write ten ideas or headlines down, get creative, and publish a blog a fortnight, you are going to have months’ worth of content to amplify, to share across your social platforms.

One blog can be re-purposed into at least 20 posts across social media. More on that later.

Think of the familiarity phenomenon…before you know it, you have been able to trigger a person’s interest with only ONE blog.

When it is valuable content that helps, it will be noticed.

I see so many people giving up too soon because the results haven’t come fast enough. There is no silver bullet, it is completely normal to feel frustrated when you post, write great content and feel you are getting nowhere.

Stick to your niche, stick to your people and you WILL see results.

If you’re doing organic only, it can be done, it just takes time.


Tip Three

Here is a method that is helping [XXXX] to [XXXX].

This is really around simplifying, identifying your target audience, and the benefits you can provide them.

Example: Here is a method that is helping small business owners write better copy on social media.

Example: Here is a method that is helping women with lower back pain to exercise pain-free.

Example: Here is a method that is helping families reconnect so that they can have a holiday of their dreams.

Example: Here is a method for up and coming entrepreneurs to get into the property market easily and simply.



Above all else, take action, make a start.

  1. Literally, sit down and think about all the things you want to talk about, to share with your target market.
  2. Go through each item you have written down and double-check it is a fit for your overall brand, and who it is you want in your tribe.
  3. Pick one topic from the list and then use one of the three examples you have been given here to create a headline.
  4. Write, record, edit, publish.
  5. Amplify…amplify…amplify.


Have a great week,

Bron xx


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