Are rules meant to be broken? Yes or No? Two questions to help you work it out!

I recently went to a Master’s Of Wealth event and have been asked a lot…what was my biggest learning or take away from the event?

There were a number of super cool presenters including Robert Kiyosaki in a room full of delegates from all walks of life.

A question was asked around rules, and if they were meant to be broken.

The resounding answer from the audience was YES.

The correct answer so we found out was NO, sometimes they are meant to be followed, and at other times they are not, a little confusing to say the least.

What a great question!

In the video here, I look at two questions you can answer right now to work out what rules you need to follow and why.

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As kids we are taught to follow the rules, get to school on time, to learn to read and write and do algebra…to tow the line, to fit in and be the status quo.

As you get older, you test the rules, start to break beliefs and cut a trail for yourself, be creative, be innovative and work out what works and what doesn’t.

The thing is, the world has become so complex, so competitive, it is hard to know what is right for you and what isn’t.

Work out what rules you want to run your business by, to live by, the ones that are right for you and what will give you the results you want.

Here are a couple of questions to help you get to the right solution.

Is it good for you?

Set your rules around what is good for you and your business.

You spend 3 hours checking FB, is it good for you and your business? Yes or No….if you are modelling and looking at strategy, the answer might be yes, if you are checking out what everyone else is doing, the answer may be no.

The next question to think about is your business model, how you want to run your business in the 21st century.

Decide the rules you want to keep around your business. Base it on your family, your life and clients. Is it good for you?

Why reinvent the wheel when someone else has already done the hard work, and found out what works.

The choice here is to either work it out for yourself with great cost and money, or you can model someone who has done the hard yards already.

Pick your niche, keep it simple, who is it you want to help…stick to what you know, and monetise this with a 21st century business model, one that fits in with how you want to live and work.

Ok, so there it is….are rules meant to be broken? Once you set your simple rules, the ones for you and your business, decide which ones are not negotiable.

Wishing you a great week!!