Saying NO to a Resolution

Happy New Year, I trust you have had a fabulous festive season and are ready to create, build and reach your goals this year.

Like you, I have spent many a New Year, reflecting on the previous year and setting resolutions for the coming year, to find I gave up in a very short time….both disappointing and disheartening.

This week, I go through three steps to focus on your intentions, goals and purpose for the coming year, rather than that old strategy of setting a resolution. Check it out here.

Take the three steps to bring to life what you really want and map out your actions to achieve them.

Why wait 12 months to reach your goals, when you can get them sooner rather than later.

Have a great week, and lock in your destination for 2014, you may need to change your direction in the process, never your decision to get there.

Have a good one,