You would think having your fifth son would be a time to gather your energy and buckle in for the ride of parenthood.

Not for me!

After twenty something years in the nursing profession, working shift work, building a career in education and being blessed with five babies, you would think this to be enough.

The thing is, when you have a passion when you have that dream to build something, work for yourself, call the shots and run your own race…being an employee just isn’t enough.

Hello, my name is Bron Watson and over the past six years, I have had the pleasure and pain of kicking off two businesses with a third due to launch July 2017.

Our Boys

I wasn’t one of those people who always knew they were destined to own a business, for years I was happy to work in the nursing profession, always searching for a better way, for quality patient care, for improvement.

Big dreams with the wrong strategy.

The dissatisfaction grew as I witnessed first hand how corporate offered little opportunity to those who work part time.  As my family grew, so did my belief I could never fulfil my dream of making a difference…



With a couple of friends running small businesses, it looked exciting, how hard could it be?

What was I thinking?!


After the birth of my youngest son, I found a business mentor and convinced her to take me on, even though I had sweet nothing to bring to the table.

I came up with my first business ‘Nurse Power’, an online community for nurses who value who they ARE above what they can DO, who believe they are more than a statistic on a roster.

I was told at the time, I would need between $20 and $30 thousand to get the business off the ground, I chose to ignore this and work it out as I went. With no financial backing, it was up to me to create something from nothing.

The first two years as a self-funded small business owner were hard.  I worked four jobs to pay for the mentoring and all the tools I needed…websites (four in two years due to NOT knowing what to ask for and being ripped off, something I am more than happy to share), programs, apps, accounting to name a few.

Working 9 to 5 for someone else and 7 to 11 on what I really wanted to be doing.

As the job count went from four to three, to two, to one, the revenue in my business grew.



In 2013, I started to teach what I had learnt, and the ‘Bron Watson’ brand was launched.

It was at a time when you were able to advertise on Facebook without transparency with no website, no logo and no branding. So, with 34 likes on my business page a whole bunch of courage mixed with learnings and growth fr