The other day I had a coffee with a client…and a good friend. She dragged out her ‘to-do’ list…it was typewritten and ran over to a second page…the list seemed to go on and on…all 38 ‘thing’s she wanted to get done’ by yesterday…overwhelm right there!!

Oh my….

My eyes glazed over, and my brain immediately went to…how on earth is she going to get all that done?…if my eyes hurt, I could not imagine how she was feeling.

The dangers of a ‘to-do’ list are real…in business this type of thing can completely send you into overwhelm.

Not to mention overwhelm is the killer of dreams.

With 2019 almost over, planning is pretty much done for 2020…and if you have a list of 38 things on your ‘to-do’ list…you may have a problem with overwhelm

Rather than a random list of things, some of which have multiple steps…consider the 90-day plan…it may be an oldie…but it is a goodie.


The Festive Season Is Coming

The festive season is one of my favourite times in the year.  People relax, it’s school holidays…one big chill out time.

With that said, there are many businesses who dread this time…if you’re in hospitality or tourism, it’s the annual ‘get smashed’ time of year…exhausting but well worth it with cash in the bank.

For others, it may be a time where cashflow becomes a problem, those in the service industry such as gyms, health and wellness to name a few, massive work problems every year.

Obviously, many businesses who do close over Christmas, or who have challenges around cash flow, what do you need to do to enjoy your break with a strong cash flow?

What have you got left to achieve from the goals you set at the beginning of the year…for many, time passes, things change, which means goals may not be the same as they were 11 months ago.

There are loads of productivity tools, efficiency formulas out there, and finding what works can be a challenge, which is why so many people experience overwhelm, especially at this time of year.



Overwhelm Solved Using The 90 Day Plan

If you’re unsure of where to start, go with the trusty 90-day plan.

This is something I learnt when I first launched my first business Nurse Power in 2011, I found the detail a little challenging, but still super useful to stay on target with the main areas I wanted to grow my business in.

My overwhelm became manageable…there will always be problems, you just want better problems.

The Goal

It’s 12 weeks from now, the chaos of Christmas is over and 2020 is well under way.

What will you be doing? Who is with you? What is the quarter goals you have just kicked? What rewards have you planned?

How’s it going to feel?

This is the goal. Write as if it were now…as in the present, full of descriptive words on who, what, and how you’re feeling as you celebrate the year that was 2019.



Reverse Engineer

Now, the next thing we want to do is we want to reverse engineer, no doubt you’ve heard of this before.

Reverse engineering in business is the process of working back from your goal. Rather than focusing on the steps to get from today until 12 weeks from now, focus on the process the other way round….from til now.

What this does, it allows you to break down the big ‘ass’ goal into main sections, which are then broken into chunk size pieces, which then go on to an action list. By the time you get to the week 12 weeks from now, it’s pretty much all sorted.

What has to hap