The influencers have cracked the code, big brands have as well, but do you know how to make social media work for you for FREE?

Learn how to attract the right people, with the right message, at the right time in your business, all with organic social media with our step-by-step program.

With COVID-19 changing the way we do business and life; the spotlight is brighter than ever on exactly HOW a business can stand out online.

Where should you put your energy and time?

Facebook? Instagram? LinkedIn? YouTube?

Let’s be honest, other than all the social media managers out there who do marketing all day every day, most business owners want to get their marketing out of the way as quickly as possible…get in, get out with a positive return on investment for their time.

Or even better…someone else do it!

When it comes to a business being on social, the ONE thing most businesses miss is the value in their content.

Value isn’t value unless it solves a problem for your customer.

Get the right message to the right people at the right time…learn HOW to use organic or what I call homegrown social media strategies that work.



My latest signature training and ‘work with you’ style program is for those who want to be a person of influence.

Who want to…

Get the RIGHT message, to the RIGHT people at the RIGHT time

To stand out…it’s that simple.

It’s not just about the perfect backdrop, with the insta perfect hair and looks to match, it’s about TRUE followers, people who have similar values, who get you and who are inspired by you.

Training is LIVE over the first four weeks, NO automated videos…small group sessions where you get to ask your questions and get them answered by me.

We then focus on implementing as we go, where I  work WITH you for the next five months….yes SIX months in total to get the learnings implemented into your business.

Not to mention you are given a new content planner AND calendar, every single month…one I have personally developed after being in the marketing game for 25 years.

We then work together to customise the calendar to suit your market, staying ahead in your content creation and delivery, PLUS access to my own hashtags lists for most industries.

And of course Masterclasses, Hotseats, Guest Experts and more….

No automated delivery here…the true meaning of ‘working with you’ and something I proud of, which is why our classes are small.

Check out the details for our next program, click the link below and register your interest.