I don’t know about you….when you think you have it sorted, something crops up from left field and…bam….you get knocked off your path.  For all of us, it’s the decimation by COVID-19

With the level of uncertainty at a peak and with no clear signs of an end to this pandemic, the physical distancing and rules to stay safe…well who could blame us for not feeling fear, for being scared and a little worried about our planet and it’s in habitants.

It is in these unchartered waters, where opportunity waits if you choose to look for it, and it all begins by staying sane, keeping your wits about you and thinking beyond our current reality.

First things first, what do I mean about staying sane…what I mean here is staying strong, healthy, working on mindfulness and being in the present…and keeping ourselves safe at home until this event passses.


It Starts Right Here – COVID-19


Yep, it starts with personal hygiene. Once a nurse, always a nurse, I have been and educator in nursing for years and knowing HOW to wash your hands, how to minimise risk of infection during COVID-19 are are a must.

Personal protective equipment…aka masks, masks, gloves and gowns are a whole other story.

By being in the present, which means abiding by good hand hygiene and looking after yourself by staying home, it gives us all the best chance to minimise the risk of the virus.

When you look at this another way, it really is self love, care for other human beings and the environment, isn’t that one of the key lessons being experienced during this isolation stage.

Is this serious…

You damn right it is, this virus called COVID-19 is a doozy.

I was on a Zoom call last night with a lady from England who is recovering from the virus, her friend has passed away only last week.

With the frenzy on our newsfeeds at the moment, there is a very real risk of COVID-19 overload.

The news is designed to startle, to make you want to come back again and again to hear more.

Keep yourself informed, whilst not being sucked into the vortex of Fakebook and fear mongering…yes, this is a thing.


Stay In The Here And Now

This past week I had the pleasure of being on a couple of live streams and podcasts, it was fun.

At the end of one of the shows, the person who I was talking with mentioned he thought I had got a little overexcited about the opportunities for personal and business growth during these times.

It was mentioned others may not want to see another happy person because they themselves have feelings of being in deep shit.Stay in the here and now

I sat and thought about this for a while, would it be better to dim my energy at the moment, rather than being my true self?

What a great question!

There are so many business owners hurting right now, employees finding themselves on Centrelink and everyone in between.

Do I lower my energy, or do I continue to be me, do what I do and help those who want to be helped?

My answer the the question at the time was this, I am unapologetically me, I have been down on my knees financially, emotionally and physically just a few years ago when I was going through the treatment for breast cancer.

Yes, I have made those phonecalls to Centrelink begging for help.

The thing is, I have learnt that staying in the present, and focusing ‘today’ was the best thing I could do for me at that time, to learn to live despite the fear of dying or the case for many COVID-19.

Easy…hell no.

We are responsible for our own feelings, actions and reactions.

If someone has too much energy, or is not where you are at, take a look at what is triggering you, I bet it has nothing to