Staying Sane In Chaos…

I don’t know about you….when you think you have it sorted, something crops up from left field and…bam….you get knocked off your path.

Normally you would see a video here…and all I have is a silly photo to prove I gave it a shot!

Obviously, not quite the result I had planned.


This week I am talking about staying sane, keeping at all together and working on priorities which will give you the results you want.  Rather than working on all that ‘stuff’, which generates confusion and overwhelm.

Here are four simple steps to beat overwhelm and improve your productivity.

Step One

Get clear on your outcome; know what your outcome is.  I speak to many women who drift along, doing what needs to be done, without a clear outcome, they exist and allow life to carry them along, rather than take control.  This is about you, and what you really want from your year, your career and more. You choose!

Step Two

Start your day with the intention for the day, which means you have intention for your life, which means you have a plan and something to focus on.  Your intention means you have something to focus on, why you do what you do, rather than simply ‘drift’.

Step Three

With so much happening in your business, in your personal life and more, there is a lot of talk and thoughts filling your head every minute of every day.  Do a brain dump; get your thoughts and ideas out of your head and on to something visual.  Write down everything on your mind; just get them out of your head.

The reason why this is so important, is it allows your mind to do what it does best, to focus on your outcome, it allows creativity. This means your mind will look at other ways to get around what needs to happen, rather than the brick wall you may be seeing now.


When the thoughts are whirling around in your head, the energy to organise what needs to happen is draining.  The worry thoughts, the anxiety thoughts of not enough time or not having enough knowledge, leads to being overwhelmed, which of course leads to…nothing, nothing gets done.

Keep your notebook with you, when something comes to mind, write it down.  You never know, it may be a best seller just waiting to happen.

As a mother of five busy boys, an educator and business owner, things can get pretty hectic.  This step will get you results right from the start, as it is a reminder of what is happening, and more importantly, what you would LIKE to happen.

Step Four

The final step to get your ‘in-flow’ day started, is to prioritise what you have written down. What are the ‘must do’ items, what can you delegate and what are things you really don’t need to do at all?

Finally, by knowing your outcome, and why you do what you do, will keep your intention for the day clear and right out front.  Process your thoughts and ideas by taking a few moments to brain dump.

Doing this everyday, will improve your level of productivity, and keep those feelings of overwhelm away.

Wishing you a great week.