Women entrepreneurs and executives often coin the phrase…’to get ahead of the game, you have to stay ahead of the game’.

In only a few months the world has changed forever, gone are the days (for now) of strategically meeting colleagues, CEO’s and the like to position yourself…to get ahead of the game.

With what I prefer to call ‘physical isolation’, social connection is at an all-time high, let’s be honest, people are connecting more online than ever before…if only I had bought shares in Zoom early on…this is not financial advice.

With that said, it means leaders are rethinking the way to stay at the top of the game, where technology plays an integral role on many levels…from accountability, connection, collaboration and a way to reduce the anxiety of self-isolation.

We know success comes down to determination, starting and staying strong, to consistency and being organised to name a few.  It truly is the balance between career and life, and what better lesson to get this working for you, than being at home for career and life.

Easy, I think not.

Tech with a twist is for those who are looking for ways to stay on top of their game with tools, apps and techniques to make this strange time less bumpy amongst the extreme level of uncertainty.


Say Yes

Each day brings opportunity, if you are brave enough to look for it. It may be sharing more of your opinion on LinkedIn, calling out your industry and being ‘the voice’ you have always wished someone would be.

NOW is the time to stand out by saying ‘yes’ and creating conversation like never before.

Take leadership for example. With the massive swing in the way we now do business, what can you see to be an innovative way to be a better leader?

Use social apps to create connection with people who would not normally form part of your network. It is the age of participation, we all have the opportunity to be the media, to share our wisdom, knowledge and start conversations you have not had before.

It’s not about whipping up a post and throwing it out into the ethernet just because you can…it’s about strategically voicing your unique self into a marketplace who is desperate to hear what you have to say.

Use those apps on your phone for the better of your industry and more importantly to help you stand out in a crowded marketplace, by simply being intentional.


Get Involved

It is super easy to get caught up in the hype of the COVID-19 virus, it has literally side swiped the world and is indeed very serious.

With that said, how are you supporting your suppliers, your team, your local coffee shop?

They too are in their homes…get involved by taking a moment or two to…well, get involved.

Send a digital card, find a local supplier who is still delivering goodies and take a moment to let these people know you care, because you do.

Send Handwritten an Australian owned company have done just that!

Take a moment to source a local network, a provider who is keeping our cash in our local area.

Call ahead, find out how these businesses are protecting you and their workers, use their apps for ordering, share a review or recommendation.


Get Creative

If you take a look at major world disasters and significant downturns, there are many success stories of innovation and reinvention.

What can the lessons of those who not only survived but thrived through the Great Depression of 1928-1933 teach us?

To look for innovation and growth, to review your customers’ needs by crunching the numbers using the tech tools you already have.

During this time, was a fabulous time for management invention, where professional management grew and functions like PR, advertising and marketing came into their own.

Use what you have, rethink, review and examine how you deliver what you do.

What does your ideal customer need? What do they want?

The numbers never lie, and that age old saying ‘sell them what they want, give them what they need’ is never more valuable.

What tech tools can you use to get the data you need, I bet you already have all you need sitting on your computer.

Prepare to fail…innovation does not solve problems without a level of failure. When entrepreneurs do what