That first day of launching your own business…I am sure it is firmly etched in your memory.

Feelings of excitement, vision, goals set, cash flow projections, logo, perhaps an ebook or two up on the website…not to mention the sheer terror of getting out of your comfort zone and heading into the unknown.

When you start a business…and I have seen this hundreds of times…it’s a bit like buying a cat.


You’ve gone down to the pet rescue centre and decided to buy a cute little kitty cat.

A nice little cat…the one near the front, you just HAVE to have it! You love it, it’s fluffy and playful…you simply have to take it home.

If the truth be told, you haven’t done a lot of research into the breed, or what its behaviours may be like because you just have to have this little cat.

It can’t be that hard right?

It’s a bit like starting a business…stay with me here…

Anyway, you’ve got the cat, and you’ve taken it home.

It’s starting to get bigger, boy oh boy…and you think “Oh my goodness, this cat eats a lot of food… Holy Smoke!”

Hey little kitty cat you’re starting to play a little rough.

The kitty cat is growing and it’s getting bigger and bigger and you’re thinking… “Wow! It’s growing and it’s healthy but, oh my, it’s taking a lot of time and money to feed this thing. I had no idea of the work involved…I literally have to spend all my time with my ‘little’ fluff ball.”

The cat is getting bigger and bigger and then before you know it … it’s an enormous sabre-toothed tiger.

The cat is like your business, you’re so busy growing, scaling and maybe your business model isn’t one that works anymore.

Your little kitty cat…aka your passion and dream, the perfect business where you thought you would have loads of time for the family, the one you thought was your ticket to financial freedom…isn’t exactly what you signed up for.

Now back to the tiger…aka cat.

You’re on the back of this sabre toothed Tiger, and you’re holding on for grim life because suddenly its got massive big fangs on the side of its mouth and you’re riding this beast, you’re trapped and you can’t get off.

It’s trying to buck you off, but you know if you fall…you’re gone!

This is what happens with business models that are not planned with the right future in mind or when the planning isn’t in there.

You’re riding this sabre toothed Tiger (business model) and if you fall off, it can kill you.

You feel as if you are trapped….it feels like you can’t stop, you feel as if you can’t do what needs to be done to tame the sabre toothed Tiger…where are the resources…the money and the time?


I have had two businesses in the last week share with me this very same thing.

One is a very successful holistic health practitioner. She’s booked out and she’s earning good money, but she feels trapped.

She has hit the threshold with the number of clients she can see, and asked me this question… “Do I shut my business down?” Because the reality is…it’s not fun anymore, it’s taking all her time and energy just to survive emotionally and energetically.

The second business is, again, a service provider business feeling trapped because the hours being worked are taking its toll, and in my mind ridiculous.

Two businesses riding their sabre-toothed tigers and feel like they can’t get off.

They don’t know how to change things, they don’t really know what is not working, because it feels like there is no time to work ON the business.

How are they going to tame the tiger so that they can safely get off?

To clip its claws, or re-house it in a safe and open environment where sabre toothed tigers like to live.

This is why it’s so important to look beyond just now, especially on social media.

To go beyond ‘likes, comments, and shares’.

Go beyond the perfect image on Facebook or Instagram, beyond sales, delivery and referrals…what’s the end game here?


There are many people who feel trapped because they’ve bought themselves a business or built a business, trading time for money.

Or worse, they’ve built something that isn’t the way they wanted or though