It’s that time of year when our inboxes are filled with productivity planners, goal setting, and let’s not forget the New Year’s resolutions, the miracle solutions to habits and changing your life.

The thing is, this can be a confusing time for many, who simply do not know how to make their goal or resolution come alive, let alone achieve it.

Are the success stories, the planners, and the goal-setting exercises taking you away from getting things done? We all love a good success story and quotes that are inspirational about things that people have achieved, and things that we too dream about for ourselves.

Unfortunately, those very same stories and inspirational quotes can sometimes do the opposite from their intention…provide a lovely side-line of taking you away from getting the work done…aka. Distraction.

Because if you expect massive success, how motivated can you realistically be on the daily effort required to get the work done and change habits that no longer are working for you?

The other thing to note here, as you flick through the emails, your newsfeed on Instagram or Facebook, or a glossy magazine is this…how do you feel about your own success when it absolutely pales in comparison to every story you read?

If you’re bad at following through on your plans (of which I have been guilty of over the years), your chances of achieving any kind of success are not that great.

It’s not all doom and gloom though, as an entrepreneur, you have the ability. It could be a simple tweak of not knowing exactly how.

As an entrepreneur, you have to be able to work through the tough times, where the return on investment may take months for things to happen at times.

It could be building an online course, implementing your social media plan…it’s the 10-year overnight success.


What You Don’t See

What you don’t see in these stories, the success posts and the inspirational quotes, is the 10 years of that person working silently when no-one is watching, when no-one knows anything about you or what you do, all the hard work, pain and overwhelm that led to the overnight success.

All the work that gets put into building something before there’s any kind of payoff. Because the problem with the stories, of course, is that it looks like success overnight, when it’s not. It’s the impression we get that success ought to happen explosively and when you want it to happen…RIGHT NOW…the expectation of the silver bullet, which simply doesn’t exist.

We don’t read about the unexciting success stories or see what’s going on at a personal level when things aren’t going well or where there are cash problems or technology challenges, or for many, adversity, or perhaps habits that take away from success. Perceived success is measured and reported in an unrealistic way rather than the cold hard truth of reality.


Knowledge Is Not Power

Knowledge is not power unless you implement it – thanks Kate Purtle for your words of wisdom.

It is so true because it’s not that there is not enough information available, it’s the opposite in fact in that there is TOO MUCH information available, which causes procrastination and a deep seeded…’I need to know more’ challenging behaviour, rather than just getting in, doing the work and implementing.

It’s the gap between the thoughts and the action, where you may think about changing a part of you, your habits or setting a goal…to taking action and doing the work. Twenty minutes of something is better than 20 hours of thinking about it.

It’s the follow through, it’s the payoff of what we’re looking for, and that can take time, and right now people don’t want to wait, they want it now! And the truth, which we all know is habits do not change overnight.