Think you have what it takes to start your own business? Being an entrepreneur isn’t for everyone. But those who choose to follow their own path get to relish in the light of being their own boss, setting their own hours, and focusing on the one thing that they really enjoy. But once you have made the big step to starting your own business what comes next? Running a solo show can be quite the ordeal unless it is done correctly.

The excitement of chasing your dreams is starting to wear off and you are feeling a little stressed. Things are piling up, and you aren’t sure which way is up anymore. There is no help available as you are a one person team.   How on earth will you get it all done? Follow these few simple steps to help get you back on track. The focus will return, and you will be checking items off your to-do list in no time flat.

  1. Start by jotting down a quick list of things that come to mind that you need to get done. Now, stepping back and looking at that list, you should be able to put the items into categories. What is your businesses top priority? To make money right?  Focus first on the high priority items that will bring in big sales. This is where you want to concentrate the majority of your attention. Your greatest challenge of all is finding the time and resources to generate new growth. Without these sales, your business could slide downhill quickly. What items on the list you made are going to help you to lock those sales in? Do those first! Use your office business hours to contact these clients, make sales calls, and to set up meetings.
  1. Take a look at what you can do to make your current customers feel like a VIP and come back for more. You already have them on your list. You have nurtured them and are ready to take them to the next level. What items on your task list will reel them in for a return purchase? Will they recommend you to a friend? Write a testimonial for you? Keep in contact with them and give gentle reminders that you are always there to help them and lend a helping hand. In return, they will do the same for you.


  1. Now, you have spent the morning working on new sales, the afternoon in meetings and nourishment of current customers. The business day is shortly coming to an end. What do you have left on your list? This is where you can focus on cleaning up your emails, working on content, and managing your business accounts. These are the things that you can afford to push aside. Work on them on your off hours as time allows.

Now that you have your priorities straightened out, it is easy to see how this will influence your future. Set yourself up a schedule and stick to it as closely as possible. Do not feel frayed by the occasional interruption. It is life, things will come up, so be flexible. Follow the steps above on how to focus on what is the most important task at hand and this will lead you to the next level in your business.