There are so many online groups these days. There’s pretty much a group for everything, whether it be on Facebook or LinkedIn and other platforms. There are groups pretty much for everyone.

As a business owner, it’s an awesome opportunity to grow your business, to build your tribe and connect with like-minded people.

The thing is when you go into those groups, what are you there for?

What purpose do you have in being a part of the group?

Specifically on being in business groups. Is it attached to your mission and your desire to help, or is it to connect and make money?

For a lot of women in business, it is about their passion, their desire to help others and monetising that passion. Which is great!

The interesting thing that I notice is that at times people completely forget about what the groups are for – connection, education and a place to hang out with people who like what you do.

Let me give you an example of what not to do.

I’m in a particular group of over 100,000 people, the purpose is to connect women in business and to provide help and support.

Questions are often asked about basic entrepreneurial questions…and rather than answering the question, many people go straight in to post about their networking opportunity or their business, without one second of a thought to answering the question of what the person is really asking.

Even more, when people do answer with an appropriate answer, it is ignored for the more polarising comments around entrepreneurship vs network marketing, and even that men sell differently to women.

What I see missing is my favourite question…

How Can I Help?

In business, the most important thing is how can you help? How can you help that person?

What are they asking, how do they feel, what is the problem they are facing right now?

As I mentioned, I noticed a post recently where a person posted about how women sell differently to men, which is quite an interesting question…one which caused quite a stir.

Posts went ‘on and on’ that women connect and build relationships and hang out together online, but you don’t see a lot of men doing that.

Now that’s a big assumption and I would suggest it’s not true.

It got better…

Another woman chimed in and said well she just wanted to do what the men do, which is just get the sale done. Is that really where the focus should be?

And again, what’s in it for your customer? It really doesn’t matter whether you’re a woman or a man in the way that you sell or the way you position yourself.

What’s far more important is knowing who you are, knowing who your ideal client is… knowing what they want, what are their challenges, and what do they wish they could have or do?

Before any sale can be made, the first question you ask is to find out what they want. The focus should be 100% on them and not you.

You find out what they want. You find out what their challenges are. You find out what their desires are and if it’s in alignment with you, and if it’s in alignment with your solution…that’s where you become the most obvious solution.

Guess what…you’ll have a sale.

Get Better Results From Your Groups

My goal is to separate the hype from the helpful in connecting in groups, so you can figure out if your business should dive in and utilise this powerful tool.

The secret to success is to stop marketing your products and services.

You are also in the business of knowledge. You need to market your specialised knowledge to demonstrate to prospects and customers that you are the expert in your field.

Articles, blogs, webinars, FB live, white papers, e-books, podcasts to name a few.

Like anything, it takes time and more importantly consistency, even when you think no one is watching.


Tip One:

The way to get the most out of being in a group for growing your business organically is to go in as you.

But before that, you need to know you are and who it is you want to work with, who it is what you stand for and being clear on that when you go into the group.

You can’t help everyone…well, not all at once.

You can’t market to everyone with the same message. As a mother of five boys, I have very different needs and wants compared to someone who does not have children.


Tip Two:

Join groups where your ideal clients hang out, not your competitors.

Now, with a group strategy, it can take at least three to four months to get a return on investment for your time and energy.

Stick to being seen as an expert and answering the one and only question which is ‘how can I help?’


Tip Three:

Go in with zero expectation of a return.

A purely open-hearted, ‘how can I