That’s right, in my next e-book, I will provide the wisdom that you have desperately been seeking to make your business successful beyond your wildest dreams. In fact, I will even offer my e-book during my next webinar for free!

If you believe it is that easy to find the all-encompassing, one size fits every situation answer, then I would love to sell you a hamster that can tell the future for a great price!

I hate to break it to you but the perfect solution doesn’t exist.

I know, we all want the perfect answer. The end all – be all resolution to what ails us. Whether it is a get rich quick idea or the fountain of youth – we have convinced ourselves that there is an ultimate answer to our troubles. There has to be, right?

The problem is, there isn’t. Nothing in life ever comes that incredibly easy. There isn’t a quick fix for growing your business and making it to the Fortune 500 list without breaking a sweat. The concept of a one stop answer for making your company an overnight sensation is an amazing fantasy, but remember it is just that – a fantasy.

I know we have all heard the mantra of “hard work and dedication” blah…blah…blah…but at some point we need to actually do the work instead of having someone else do it for us. Yes, some webinars, e-books, and online courses, blogs even (wink wink), can be exceptionally helpful – but in moderation. The problem is when people spent most (if not all) of their time in seminars or doing research, constantly gathering knowledge but never applying it.

Think about the amount of time you have spent in seminars, webinars, ebooks, online courses, etc – learning from someone else, being groomed by someone you have deemed as more successful. Now think about how much you have paid (whether with money or time) for the nuggets of wisdom. Guess what – you have been their perfect solution! By making you believe that the answer is out there, these individuals have been selling answers that have been right in front of you.

Close the web browser (not yet! Finish reading this first!), withdraw from the seminar, delete the e-book, and trust yourself. Work with what you’ve got. Use the resources that are right in front of you. The time and energy you have spent searching for the edge, or the point of difference, is time better spent taking action – rolling up your sleeves and getting into it.

Take a look at what you have, look at what you can package together. You will be amazed with the amount you can create when you listen to your own voice, not someone else’s. What can you pull together and work with now, without the outside resources? Start to earn whilst you learn! Go back to your roots of the old fashioned trial and error.

Where to start? Brainstorm! Brainstorming will be your way to take what you have and what you know and put them together. Grab a pen and paper, free your mind from the constraints of outside help, and the rest will follow! Ask yourself the important questions to get the ideas flowing – what are your company’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and competitors? Did I just mention to a SWOT Analysis? No…maybe. This is a way to see what you know and where you can grow. Move on to your objectives – long term and short.

No one knows your business better than you do. Believing that is the first step you have to take.

Be your own teacher. Trust yourself and believe you possess enough knowledge to be successful. Start with what you have and stop looking for the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, it doesn’t exist.