ISO 2020 has many hidden gems and challenges at the same, time.  Zoom…oh how I love you for the freedom you give, but boy oh boy…zoom exhaustion is a real thing.

Do you feel as if you just can’t go on?

Working from home…well I have been doing it for almost 10 years, but for many, it’s been a huge shift with organisations, government departments and business setting up a work station at home, not everyone has s spare room, there are too many kids in my house for that, so let’s try the lounge room.

We work ourselves to the brink and beyond, it takes more energy to show up online sometimes compared to a face-2face meeting.

What happens next?

We ignore the signs our body tries to tell us when we slowly reach that point of exhaustion. We don’t allow ourselves to step back and take care of our needs because we are too busy tending to the needs of our clients, our friends, and family



We keep pushing past our limitations until we reach that danger zone. The computer screen begins to get a little hazy, task/to-dos start to be missed or forgotten. Little mistakes began to happen more often than not.

Recently, I caught up with Mandy Hargreaves the brainchild behind the ‘Self Love System’, you can meet Mandy here

Mandy said in business we spend a vast amount of energy helping our clients, giving support, finding the answers and providing solutions.

At home…for many, the family, the kids, and even the dog are cared for without a second’s thought.

On social media and marketing, we are often reminded to answer the question ‘How can I help?’.

With that said, Mandy believe the most missed, yet significant question to ask is this…‘How can I help myself?’

Entrepreneurs like you and I are motivated and driven, how often do you think of what appears to be a hair-brained scheme which turns out to be a fantastic revenue stream for your business.

The thing is, it has a cost…the cost of giving our hearts, souls and more importantly, our energy to someone or something else…sounds like exhaustion to me.

Yet, we keep going. 

What’s missing is not MORE WORK, or hustling harder, or being more…what’s missing is self-love.

That deep connection to your truth. What’s missing is a life with self-love built in!

All that good stuff they never taught us at school.

What’s missing is YOU asking YOURSELF ‘How can I help?’

Mandy, I think your on to something.



What you say to yourself when facing an obstacle MATTERS! You will either take your own hand and ask, ‘How can I help?’…Or your inner critic gets to be in charge!

The fundamental difference is the outcome.

Being in business will require everything you have of yourself, and when you shift your focus to helping yourself FIRST, you are choosing an approach that will support you, is sustainable and let’s be honest…real.

If you are not choosing to help yourself your inner critic can take over the show and exhaustion kicks in!

Picture a little gremlin behind the wheel of a bus, you are the passenger on the back seat, holding on for dear life.

That gremlin has no fear and knows it can do whatever it wants unless you walk to the front of the bus and pull that hand brake on hard.

In reality, it can play out in overdrive, being stuck in workaholic mode…or perhaps frozen in procrastination.

In fact, your inner critic will have you so focused on the obstacles and everything in your way, that you may not even see the solutions.

What you say to yourself in that very moment will create the approach you take to everything in life. Your approach will create your outcomes. Your outcomes create your life.



Know the signs!

Do you feel exhausted all the time?

What about your motivation?

Do you feel as if everything you are doing is just a waste of time?

Has lack of enthusiasm replaced passion?

Perhaps that gremlin has taken over your bus, and the only way to know is to stop, pause and reflect.


Don’t despair! It isn’t too late to turn it around before you start to experience permanent health problems (trust me…it isn’t worth it!)

So what to do when you are overwhelmed or feel as if you may be walking the path to stress and fatigue?

Relax! I know, easier said than done. Find ways to take yourself away from work – read a book, listen to music, meditate, work-out, do a favorite hobby, go for a walk/jog – do something for yourself. If you make time for meetings, work, and everything else – you can make time for yourself.

Walk away! You do not need to be reached 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Designate times of the day when you will check your email. Turn off your phone at dinner or after work hours. Don’t let work sneak into your personal time, family time, and definitely not your vacation time.

Get yourself organised and then get some rest! The biggest thing that can make us pull our hair out is being unorganised. When we feel disorganised, we can feel overwhelmed and that only adds to the stress and exacerbates the problem.



Ask one question “How can I help myself?’

Self-love is really that simple, the one cure to exhaustion every time.

Asking yourself ‘How can I help?’ will shift your approach to self-love and with that approach there is truly nothing you cannot overcome.

Self-love will help you to find calm, to be resourceful and creative amidst the uncertainty in the world right now. Self-love will help you to remember the power of YOU and will help you to choose the life you want to create.

In fact, Mandy is currently running a Self Love 7 Day Challenge, you can join here.



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