If I see another ad on Facebook on goal setting, mapping, planning or a guide to your best year yet, I am going to puke!

STOP, stay with me here.

It’s not that I don’t agree with planning, mapping and goal setting…I do.

It’s the way people do it, it’s the way people like to complicate something, which really should be as simple, and have as little steps as possible.

Take setting your financial goal….they say make it as big as you want, and make sure you break the glass ceiling.

Again, I agree…except for one thing.

Be realistic.

No, I did not say, keep you small, or play it safe….be realistic.

A lot of people set an outrageous goal, say…’I want to make a million dollars’ and their business has barely cracked a consistent 6 figures.

With out the systems, the processes, the lead generation, marketing and sales, is this a realistic goal?

For a few YES, for most…no.

When a goal is set that is not backed by hard work, the systems and processes, invariably, the goal is not met.  The business owner looks around and says ‘My system is wrong, it does not work’.

Quits, changes their processes and loses faith in themselves and what they do.

It take’s time, a lot of time…longer than two years.

It takes dedication, and a consistent minimum effort to keep going, even when you’re scared and not sure what to do.

It’s about backing yourself, even when everyone else says you’re mad.

Even when it feels as if it is not working.


Stay committed to your decisions, but stay flexible in your approach.
Tony Robbins


It’s a time when things feel wrong, when your head says to stop and throw it away, it’s dark, it’s lonely.

For anyone who knows this feeling, I am sure you can relate with me here.

Set a realistic goal, use a realistic plan, do not let the fear rule your process.

Thanks to Leela Cosgrove for your insight here.




What would you like your business to turnover in the next 12 months?  How much money do your need?

Do you want to double your money, increase your profit margin by a certain %?

This will tell you how many leads you need to generate, how many people you need to speak to, how many sales you need to make, which will equal cash in the bank.

Create and generate leads, market and sell.

Be super focused on what YOU want to do and not what everyone else is doing.

Look at what needs to be considered in your industry or market, NOT what your competitors are doing.

One financial goal for the year, one number, one thing to focus on.




What is the one thing you dream of doing…writing a book, running a retreat, start a charity, have a mobile business…or whatever it is you secretly dream about, day after day.

Be as outrageous as you like.

What are you truly passionate about?


In a world of technology, where we talk, video and type, nothing beats good old hand written work.

In actual fact, evidence supports the link between writing stuff down and it coming to fruition.

The best of the best in the world talk about this and how powerful it is on your outcomes.

Allocate time EVERYDAY…not one day per week.

Traction and momentum come with consistent minimum effort, which means a little… often.

If you work on something one day per week, it takes a whole lot of effort and discipline to pick up where you left off…a week later.

Learn MORE about your passion…read books, create content, strategy, build new things from your passion.




For many of you, you know that I can do details when I have to, however it is not my strong point.

I have worked hard over the years to create and follow action plans, to do lists and steps.

What happens is I build the planner, I fill it in, it takes hours might I add, I break down yearly goals into quarterly goals, I then break those into weekly.

What happens?

I end up with a huge ‘to do’ list, where I feel like a failure, because I can’t stick to what I have set out.


And this is why I want to puke with all the planners and systems out there…because for those of us, who are not awesome at detail, it creates a whole heap of pain, trying to keep up with a list of things that I simply cannot even begin to complete.

Too much detail, too many goals, and a life with five boys….phew!

Now that said, I totally agree with quarterly and weekly goals…BUT only ones that are high priority, high return.

The ones in business, which increase lead generation, sales and money in the bank.

This may end up being the ONE thing you need to do this week, and today.

You can’t connect the dots looking forward; you can only connect them looking backwards. So y