Number #1 – check your email. 

Well you did say you would return that phone call, so maybe you should do that first.  No, wait…you never finished that project from last night.  Maybe you should finish it before you get started today.

Ok, Number #1  – finish project from last night. 

Now, it would make more sense to just get that meeting you have been putting off out of the way so you can concentrate.  Even better – it would make more sense to finally write the new proposal so you have plenty of time for a turn-around if they want to make changes before the deadline.  Although, you do need to post to social media to help generate leads.  When was the last time you refreshed LeadPages?  Did you write this week’s newsletter?

Great  – Number #1 – I have no idea anymore.  Going to lunch…

Do you find that while you make every effort to get organized, there is just too much to do and no clear starting point?

You have tried every method provided in that business book collecting dust on your shelf: FIFO (first in, first out), biggest crisis first, to-do list, throwing a dart in the air and seeing where it lands.

None of them seem to help you focus on getting the most important things done. There is just so much to do! You feel as if your brain is to about pack a bag and walk out forever.

I have had so many people ask me, “Bron, you are so organized and focused.  How do you do it?  How do you run your own business and actually get things done?

That’s an interesting question!

Here’s it is – the secret to my success of staying focused and staying organized.  Are you ready?  Prioritizing and focusing on the task with the highest return.  That’s it!  Deciding what to work on now (what task has the highest return value) and what to leave for later (what task has the lowest return value). 

When building a business – you are responsible for everything: marketing, customer service, sales – all of it.  You are focused on the big picture and it can be overwhelming.  This overwhelming feeling can ultimately lead to the state of doing absolutely nothing.

Instead of focusing on the big picture, learn to take a step inward and focus on the intricate parts of your well-oiled machine.  Work out what needs to be a high priority with a high return.  Allow yourself to hone in on where the squeaky wheel is making noise in your business. 

If you are have a large client base and are making your cash flow goals, focus on adding value to your current paying clients and keeping them interested instead of focusing on marketing and social media development.

Having cash flow problems?  Direct your primary focus on lead generations and turning potential customers into paying clients. 

These activities are what experts call, High Value Activities.  These are the activities that will either directly generate revenue or indirectly provide an opportunity to generate revenue.  Again, the trick is knowing what the problem is and putting your time, energy, and imagination there rather than focusing on making a check in the box or crossing off a less important task on that ever growing “to-do” list.

Here’s some homework.  Take a look at your activities and grade them as A, B, or C.

“A” is the work that you have to get done today or your business would cease to exist.

“B” is work that would be beneficial today but doing it tomorrow won’t be the end of the world; however, continuously putting it off would cause more harm than good.

Lastly, “C” the work that you would like to get done but can wait until you have free time.

If you find that you are grading everything as an “A”, try this:  Imagine all of your activities as an investment.  The money you are using to invest is the amount of time, energy, and overall attention/focus that you are giving to a project.  You only have so much “money” to invest so you must use it wisely.  Which “stock” would you want to invest in?  The one that would yield the highest return, right?